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Originally Posted by Riggie1000
nice idea!
it nearly looks like a carousel.

i didn't test it yet, but what happens, when you click on the next slot? will it scroll on normal, scroll two times or disappear?
I thought of that. You might decide to skip one of the icons in the sequence.

In that case, it still only scrolls once, so you don't have to move your mouse. It just moves the "cursor" to the new position and continues.

Originally Posted by Elrigh
First time I started it worked perfect. But that does Buildswapper to, the problems occur after relogging, because theres a difference in the way the german and the english client save data.

My Client crashed (not because of the Plugin) and when I reglogged I got an error:

Belegaer/Elrigh/SequenceBars.plugindata:9: ']' expected near ','
...lugins\Thurallor\SequenceBars\SequenceBarManage r.lua:29: Unable to parse file!
Hmm, interesting. Can you attach your .plugindata file here? (Also include the precise error message, so I know where to look in the file.) I might be able to tell what the German client is doing differently.

I deleted the Files in Plugindata and relogged again. The Plugin showed again, I customized it again and than I pressed "Hide". And I was not able to bring it back.
If you hide a bar, you can find it in the Plugin Manager -> SequenceBars -> Options menu to show it again.

All what is left is a Quickslot in the Middle of the Screen with an Arrow showing down, when I click on the Arrow I can add more Quickslots, but I can not move them or do anything else.
I'm not sure what you are describing here. Can you post a screencap?

Vielen Dank!

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