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Unread 05-20-2013, 05:53 PM
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I'm deeply impressed. Dropdownmenues, highly customizable, theres even a choice which font to use for the name of the Bar. Thats far more than the usual Plugin has.

First time I started it worked perfect. But that does Buildswapper to, the problems occur after relogging, because theres a difference in the way the german and the english client save data.

My Client crashed (not because of the Plugin) and when I reglogged I got an error:

Belegaer/Elrigh/SequenceBars.plugindata:9: ']' expected near ','
...lugins\Thurallor\SequenceBars\SequenceBarManage r.lua:29: Unable to parse file!

I deleted the Files in Plugindata and relogged again. The Plugin showed again, I customized it again and than I pressed "Hide". And I was not able to bring it back. All what is left is a Quickslot in the Middle of the Screen with an Arrow showing down, when I click on the Arrow I can add more Quickslots, but I can not move them or do anything else.
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