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I've already released a couple updates for the original Windows Sidebar version - the 2nd was just to fix an oversight involving set piece names. AIR version should be ready to deploy a little later tonight, as it seems to be functional again (albeit taking longer to load characters - but that's to be expected).

Most of the work so far has been adding in a small army of functions designed to load up all the necessary data from Turbine's API, and then to merge them into one, to reduce the amount of changes to the bulk of the code.

This also meant that I had to change the way the progress bar was handled - since half of what's loaded per character takes place before the slot icon preloading.

The final change, which is still on deck, is to see if I can't come up with a better way of handling character navigation - as the current "slide" method has a tendency of being finicky. I may increase the sensitivity and/or include mouseWheel support, or even just scrap it all together and come up with some kind of click navigation. I'm not sure yet, but before the night is out I'll have it figured out.

Since, like I mentioned, I'm without a host for the time being, I'm most likely going to upload it to the Adobe Marketplace (for free of course) - more information will follow as it shows up.

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