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Question Songbook Update

I have an idea for an update to the Songbook plugin and just wondering if it is even possible. I have never looked into making/updating a plugin before but I do have a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development and a few years experience working as a programmer (my current role). Point being, I just want to know if it is possible before I dive into tutorials and learning LUA.

Now on with it:
I have multi-boxing software and 6 minstrels. I like to 'sync play' multi-part songs in public and my performance will generally go on for 1-3 hours. Many of these songs generally require me to switch out at least 1 instrument on a given minstrel. I would like to pretty much automate an entire concert... I want a play list that will play all the way through multiple songs and between each song, be able to switch out instruments for any 1-6 of my minstrels before starting the next song.

I would create an interface to allow users to easily create a playlist and designate which instrument to switch to between songs. All 6 minstrels would have the plugin so they'd have to create a matching play list, but each could switch to a different instrument...

I'm guessing this isn't possible but if I could even come close only to find out it isn't, it might be worth the learning experience of trying... Then again, if anyone can tell me with certainty that this definitely cannot be done, I won't even bother wasting my time (I don't have much free time so I need to get SOMETHING out of this...)

Thanks in advance for the replies!
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