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Another minimalist request

I've been perusing other Skins and just can't seem to modify anything to suit my needs. I started off trying to resize the XP Bar to match the toolbar quickslots from zercleanui.

I tried inserting the following into their SkinDefinition.xml:
<PanelFile ID="toolbar">

	<Element ID="LevelMeter" 					X="428"  Y="187" Width="500" Height="20">					
        	<Element ID="LevelMeter_LevelUpXP_TutorialHighlight"    X="0"    Y="0"   Width="500" Height="20" />
        	<Element ID="LevelMeter_Experience_TutorialHighlight"   X="0"    Y="0"   Width="500" Height="20" />		
       		<Element ID="LevelMeterText" 				X="0"    Y="0"   Width="500" Height="20" />
        	<Element ID="LevelMeterFill" 				X="0"    Y="0"   Width="500" Height="20" />
       		<Element ID="LevelMeter_BonusMeter" 			X="0"    Y="0"   Width="500" Height="20" />
		<Element ID="LevelMeterBg" 				X="0"    Y="0"   Width="500" Height="20" />
		<Element ID="LevelMeter_Overlay" 			X="0"    Y="0"   Width="500" Height="20" />
I then tried changing the widths, which made no change.

I figured if I was going to ask for help, i would ask those more knowledgable for help with exactly what I have visioned.

I'd like to move the quickslot portion all the way to the bottom right corner of my screen. Below that the XP Bar of the same width. I plan on stacking the other quickslot bars right on top of it making a block. The toolbar buttons I would like to run vertically up the right side, leaving room for just them between the quickslots and the edge of my screen. I also know the auto attack button can't just disappear, or the active glow part, so maybe on the left of the bars would look fine. That's pretty much it, I can handle anything else on my own I think. I've tried looking for Skins that are close to this, but couldn't find anything that was working.

I hate to just plain ask for a custom UI, so if there is some guidance you can provide I would love to be as active with it as possible. I'm just not getting it by looking through others coding apparently. Which is awkward since I have made changes to PHP coding by just looking through it...

Thanks in advance,

Edit: If your going to read it, I can at least try to make it an easy read... and I play at 1920x1080 Res

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