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hm, managed to get it to work now, but it wont allow me to load the plugin via the manager, am just testing it with the manager now. Tried to upload the data, but came up with a message saying invalid file

yeah, i found the problem, i was on my burglar origonally, and yes, used the manager. Was all working, logged over to my hunter, and comes up with:

...Rings Online\Plugins\JackdawPlugins\Bevy2\Hunter.lua:17: attempt to index global 'Watcher' (a nil value)
...Rings Online\Plugins\JackdawPlugins\Bevy2\Hunter.lua:69: Failed to import package "JackdawPlugins.Bevy2.Proc".
...ngs Online\Plugins\JackdawPlugins\Bevy2\function.lua:9 7: Failed to import package "JackdawPlugins.Bevy2.Hunter".

will not work on my hunter charecter, works fine on my other chars

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