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Originally Posted by valtrise
I understand I can use external mapping programs to assign game functions to a controller, however it is the UI and interaction with the UI that would need to be modified, for instance say I open the character pane is there a way to have the input focus change from global to just that UI element?
I saw something like that for another game a couple of years ago. But that guy was a programmer himself and wrote his own software which allowed him to "jump" the mouse cursor to specific locations in screen. Like Dpad right moves the cursor to the "OK" Button, second press to the "Cancel" Button. But that needed the windows placed to a specific location on screen and never ever moved. He arranged the windows in a way that he had all buttons at the same position but this was a different game with way less windows and way less functionality in the windows.
With Lotro numerous windows that would be a pain in the butt.

But I can assure you that it is possible to play with controller, emulating mouse movement, I did exactly that with The Secret World Online. I set up two controller profiles to switch between, one for "Roaming" the world, fighting and questing, one for movement of the mouse and use of windows and such. It worked better then I thought, especially because I used a software which let me handle the reactiveness of the thumb movement. The cursor moved slow first but got faster after a couple of seconds. That made precise placement of the curser possible, up to using checkboxes.
Still, I found myself switching to mouse regularly for things like Inventory management, which is way easier with mouse.

The second big problem right after the windows would be to place all abilities on the controller. We donīt have the possibility of a reactive menu which changes the display of the icons on screen when you use a shift button. So you must remember where you placed which ability or align them in the quickstartbars in a way that helps you to remember.
With The Secret World Legends there where a total of 12 (I think) buttons used for combat or in roaming situations, while Lotro goes way above that. I myself would get confused and mess up with half a dozen shift buttons without a reactive UI.
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