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Thank you both very much.

I do seem to be having another problem with many of the other skins. I am a roleplayer but not a programmer, not even in xml (lol Esp. xml atm). I have an off brand monitor with which the best resolution I can manage (and the best proportioned resolution) is 1600x1200. I have tried editing the xmls of several skins using the formulas put forth in the posts and readme's of several skins. Best I can remember off the top of my head its something like x= (your height -1280) /2, y= (your width - 160).

All the ones that have problems are ones that move the buttons and features of the mainbar. In each of them, for some reason the toolbar end up closer to the standard location of the player vitals. A bit toward the top and right of center. I already tried Daimon's suggestion to someone else of completely removing the toolbar section of the xml, and it changed and in many cases breaks the toolbar. Making it look like it does when you 1st change from the standard Turbine skin to a new one.

I know a few of you are going to say live with it, use only the ones that work already, or learn to skin. I would learn to live with it, except that, like I said above I am a roleplayer and am trying to use different skins on each toon to set the mood as soon as I log in.

So far I have prolems with the following skins:

cleanlinez 0.8

Any help you guys can offer would be apreciated.

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