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I'm not sure about the map resizing question. Maybe someone who knows about making skins can comment. However:
Originally Posted by Sunspot2
2 - In the game options, I can set the "Quest Tracker" to visible or invisible. There is also a key toggle for the Radar.
Is it possible to make a plugin that shows me a button that will toggle the visibility of both the "Quest Tracker" and the Radar"? That would make my UI cleaner and give me the option to quickly display quest related info.
There is a chat command, "/ui layout save <name>" that allows you to save your current UI settings (such as whether the radar and quest tracker are showing). Then you can use "/ui layout load <name>" to restore those settings.

So you could have two UI layouts, one with the radar and quest tracker showing, one with them hidden. Then you could make two shortcuts in your quickslots -- one for loading each layout. Or you could make a SequenceBar that toggles back and forth between the two shortcuts each time you click it.

Unfortunately, I there are some limits on the speed at which you can load UI layouts. If you try to do it too often, you will quickly see an error message like "Too many requests, please slow down."
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