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[REQ]Buff Missing/Triggering

first of all English isnt my native language so forgive me for my grammar.

I would like to know if with the current permissions that plugin developers have are able to code a plugin that it will shows you when buffs/debuffs is on or is missing.

For example:
a)I would like to had a plugin on my warden that would warm me when i dont have buffs that my gambits give, like shield mastery, Persevere,Dance of War, Wall of Steel etc.. The warm it could be an icon of the missing buff somewhere on the screen so i can understand what buff im missing .

b)Shows you an icon of a skill that is triggered like some of burglars skills that are trigged by criticals hit.

c)Set it to show you when a specific debuff affect you(could be a big icon of the debuff in the middle of the screen ""screaming"" to you "Cleanse me!!").

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