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Originally Posted by SamGoofus
Thanks, all!
It just occurred to me that using the characters level and the name of the object, I could get close.

As it is, when crafting armor, bling, and weapons, there are limitations as well, so it's often hit & miss. Sometimes I'll make a lower level or higher level pea shooter, just to avoid finding the special ingredients and recipes.

I am using LOTRO Companion, or learning is a better term! I have questions about that too, but not here!

Thanks for the help ~ Sam
Hello Sam,

I included some data like armor value, level (base stats) and dps for weapons, but you have to enter them by hand because they are not covered by LUA, but present in myaddon if you take the time to enter them when modifying equipment

Have a try of my addon, but if you have a lot of characters this my take a little bit time at the first connection to enter all the datas, but that will help any way..

I did this for exactelly the same thing, i was sik of creating lower level armor for my alt

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