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Thank you for posting the Lua notes, magill.

Also of particular interest for our community:

  • When hovering over a monster, the tooltip will now show an indication when killing the monster can bestow a quest but the quest is currently on cooldown.
  • The quest "Merchants of Avardin" in Starkmoor will now properly show tooltip text on its related monsters to indicate that killing them will advance the quest.
  • The tooltip for the Champion skill "True Heroics" will now accurately reflect its chance to heal other fellowship members due to legacies on legendary items.
  • Added a new Game Option under Options -> UI Settings -> Misc called "Enable New Item Highlighting". This option defaults ON (checked). Players can uncheck this option to disable highlighting for new inventory items arriving in their inventory bags.
  • The tooltip for currencies awarded by quests is now accurate.
  • When leaving an instance in the middle of a boss fight, you will no longer have the event tracking panel lingering on your screen.
  • Lock-On Camera: Targeting yourself will no longer point your camera due north, targeting yourself is like targeting nothing now.
  • Entering mouselook mode or clicking in the 3d area of the game will now cause the currently focused UI element to loose focus. This means that the webstore will no longer trap your keyboard input even when clicking outside of it. Another behavior that this changes is if you are typing in the chat window and enter mouselook mode, your chat window will lose focus.
  • When attempting to slot a Legendary Item that is not identified, players will now be informed of why the action is failing.
  • When attempting to use target skill forwarding to assist a player in another area or instance, a useful error message will be properly displayed.
  • The French and German clients now properly allow the showing or hiding of task board locations in the map.
  • The Blackarrow skill "Snare" will no longer display redundant effect information in its tooltip.
  • That thing that bothered everyone has been fixed. It will now bother everyone that it is missing.
  • The Barter menu will now show details of what incomplete quest or quests are blocking the purchase of an item.
  • The color picker in the Quest Guide map display now expands to the left instead of to the right. As part of this, the display can now be dragged all the way to the right of the screen if so desired.
  • When you encounter a monster that can grant you a quest when you kill it or approach it, you will now see quest icons over their heads that, like NPC quest icons, will change state depending on if the quests are fully available, part of the epic book, require a purchase from the LOTRO Store, or are on cooldown.
  • Ghosted out encounters in the "Specific" tab of Instance Finder no longer become ungreyed out when you close and reopen their category while they are selected.
  • Pet vital bars will no longer hide the effects behind them when the effects are behind the invisible portion of the vital bars.
  • You can now correctly see the upgrade stars in the tooltips for Legendary Items in your vault, shortcut links, auction listings, etc.
  • Text links generated when you acquire new relics now support examination of those relics.
  • Bug Fix - Rune-keeper satchels now display their dye color on tooltip.
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