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threshershark 05-13-2007 11:00 PM

Question about "bag"
Hi all, this is my first time posting here. I have a question about the bag slots.
For some reason I can't get the first bag on extreme right bottom to display a created image. I think this is the right part of the xml :

<Mapping ArtAssetID="bag" FileName=""></Mapping>

When I put a tga image in the FileName it doesn't change it. The other bag tags work fine. Can anyone help?


threshershark 05-13-2007 11:27 PM

Nevermind, Think I figured it out. I was using the wrong tag :D

Correct tag is:

<Mapping ArtAssetID="inventory_normal" FileName=""></Mapping>

Aalwein 05-13-2007 11:28 PM

Each bag has four graphics:


  <Mapping ArtAssetID="bag" FileName="Invisible.tga" />
  <Mapping ArtAssetID="bag_normal" FileName="Invisible.tga" />
  <Mapping ArtAssetID="bag_pressed" FileName="Invisible.tga" />
  <Mapping ArtAssetID="bag_rollover" FileName="Invisible.tga" />

Try changing the other tags to the same graphic (unless you want different images for rollover and pressed).

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