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Gloradan 05-26-2007 11:26 AM

Hide the system and inventory switches
Hi. I'm a french guy so please may you first excuse my english...

I'm creating a skin for my fellowship "Les Gardiens de l'Argonath" here in France... And well, that sounds good enough...

But I would like to purpose TWO bars bellow (Letterbox)
The first one would be a normal one (translucid with the system and inventory buttons)
The second one would be a "mini" one without those switches...

Can someone explain me (qith simple words ;-)) how can I do to delete the switch from the bar I allready have to make the secod bar without the buttons..?

I tried to simply draw a dark zone on them to hide them, but I still have little dark and empty boxes...

(I'm based on an existing bar (translucid, bud with the buttons... This bar is on a pure black background and I thought it was enough to dark the buttons, but it seams it's not quite sufficent)

Thanks a lot to all!!

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