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GreenGlobeGamer 09-26-2017 12:42 AM

Larger Dressing Room
first, let me say that I had trouble finding the proper location to put the files, which turns out to be the Windows hard drive location, like this:

C:\Users\xxx\Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\ui\skins

and not the 'one drive' location or the location found by clicking the 'documents' folder on the left side, the one the screenshots go into; that is not this folder

so, once I got the right folder location the skins showed up in the options window under 'select user skin'

so, I was able to select the

but the enlarged dressing room did not work. So, I reloaded the game, after putting in another skin, the azure pack, and interestingly the larger dressing room did work this time, but the azure skin was not included. (JRR_AzureGlass v4_17)

So, I am wondering if it is required to quit the LOADER and restart that as well as restarting the game? Or as I have heard, is it only required to exit to character slection screen?

I am trying right now to reload to get the AzureGlass skin going and am going to also try to include something else to see if that also loads. I have closed even the loader this time.

So, nothing else was visible in game, though they are in the same folder on the c drive. I was able to select EFF Panels, so that is fine. The JRR skins are nice, but I really just like the default. I'll probably find one I like better.

I was able to get a larger dressing room, which was my primary goal to start. It sure was more difficult that I thought it would be and I still can't get anything to work except for the JRR skin pack and the EFF ones, Extend Enhanced Panels.

So, is it that the other ones are not up to date and so go unrecognized by the options panel?

The other ones I have installed are:
EA Ithilien
JRR_AzureGlass v4_17
larger dressing room

These do not show as options in the 'select user skin' dropdown.

Thanks for your input.

Kalex 09-28-2017 05:18 AM

The last I knew, the game only reads the list of UI skins available when the client first starts, so yes, you must restart the client for the skins to be listed and for the larger dressing rooms to be applied.

I know when I worked on my skin the last time, if I made a change I had to exit the client completely and restart it before the change would show up. Logging the character out and then back in did not seem to work.

Adra 09-30-2017 02:01 AM

Hi GreenGlobeGamer

Here is the link of Extended and enhanced panels page on Lotrointerface.

Current version number is 5.17 (released at christmas 2015). No update is planned since I don't play Lotro anymore since 1 year and half.

Step-by-step installation of the theme is logged on the linked page.

I agree Kalex previous comment's content. Restarting the game and relogging a character each time we want to check the changes we just made in a skin is really long and annoying :D

- You have to restart the game after addind/removing skin(s) in order they appear/disappear in/from the ingame list of available skins (in the lotro option menu).

- You have to relog your character when you have just selected a new skin (including the default skin) on the current character, in order to apply the new skin's panels settings (like the larger dressroom). Until the character relog, only pictures are changed, not the sizes of the panels.

Lotro associates one skin setting per character, so if you want Extended and enhanced panels associated with all your characters, you have to repeat the skin selection for each of them.



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