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Cairenn 04-01-2007 11:18 PM

Helpful Info
Macros, as posted by SpiritofRings, on the Turbine forums, here:


There is an /alias command and a /shortcut command.

I use the /shortcut command exclusively so that is the one I will describe:

~ First off -- shortcuts are placed in a particular (numbered) quickbar slot, and the numbers to the quickbar slots can be gotten from Key Mapping.

~ Let us suppose you wish to have an easy, readily available /sit command -- and you would like to have this function bound to a specific keyboard key.

1) type -- /shortcut 36 /sit (36 represents a specific quickbar slot number; it is at the end of the ALT quickbar row)

2) you will see a message that a shortcut has been placed in slot 36

3) you may drag&drop to any other quickbar slot you wish


Then let us suppose you wish this shortcut function to be on a single keypress.

1) let us choose the "X" key at the "/sit key."

2) Open Key Mapping and bind the "X" key to slot #36

Result -- when you press X, you will /sit


Here's another common one....

1) type: /shortcut 25 /wave Hi there! (the text will be added as you do the emote)

2) bind: the letter G on the keyboard to quickbar slot #25

Result: -- when you press G, you will /wave (and say) Hi there!


There are no "connectors" between commands that I am aware of, so only simple, single emote+text functions can be added.


Aside from "/sit" you might also want to create shortcuts for:

"/point" and "/follow"

... since these three emotes tend to be used extensively.

Hope this answers your questions.

Thank you very much for the explanation and the permission to copy it to here, SpirtofRings.

Chat Panel Basics: Filtering the Cacophony as posted by neolythic, on the Turbine forums, here:


The chat system is very robust and full featured (thats developer speak for its highly customizable and has a lot of options/features that most people may never use, but they are there if you want them). You can do a lot with the Chat Panel itself. You can add, delete, and rename Tabs. You can pull tabs off and let them be in their own space. You can filter which channels display in which tab or set channels not to display at all. You can move the tabs around so they display in the order you want. And of course there is the little balloon that brings up all the available Emotes and Moods. There are many possibilities. Here are some basics:

1) There are many chat channels available and each has a purpose.

Advancement: Displays XP gains, Level-ups, etc.
Advice: This is where you should ask questions (not in OOC).
Combat: Displays combat text such as damage, kills etc.
Death: Displays text when you are defeated (like you might miss that little detail).
Emote: Emote text.
Error: any game error messages (important if you are going to report them or ask for help).
Fellowship: chat among those in a fellowship.
Kinship: chat among Kinship Members.
LFF: Where you should post if you are Looking for a Fellowship, or more members for your current fellowship. (not in OOC)
OOC: Out Of Character chat (not general spam) for talk that does not fit in other channels.
Officer: Kinship chat for Officers of the Kinship.
Quest: general Quest Text including dialog (in case you want to go back and read what an NPC told you).
Raid: Like fellowship but includes the whole raid group.
Regional: Wide area chat over the whole region.
Say: Local area chat, just in the general area you are in.
Standard: Catch all for game generated text
Tell: One to one private messages.
Trade: Where 'want to buy/sell' should be (not in OOC).

2) You can arrange the tabs in the chat panel however you like, even detach tabs and have multiple panels.

You can right click on a tab and change its name, add a new tab, delete the tab, and change the filter (which channels display). You can also change what colors the different channels text display in. You can left click and drag tabs to reorder them or even drag a tab off the chat panel and drop it somewhere else on the screen. You can also pull the bottom corner of the chat panel and resize it.

3) You can filter what channels display in which tab, or set channels to not display at all.

The default places almost all the channels in the General tab, with a Combat tab and an IM tab. I have changed the Combat tab to a 'Game' tab and added a fourth tab for Community and a fifth tab for OOC (since it is so spammy right now). My set up is as follows:

General Tab: (all you need for general play)

Fellowship (in case you are in a group)
Raid (for when you are raiding)
Emote (need those for RP)
Regional (this could be put in Community tab, but i have it here)
Tell (even though there is an IM tab i like my tells on my main tab)

Game Tab: (all the game info stuff that you only need if you want it)


Community Tab: (for when you are between quests and want to be social)

* I would put OOC here if it was not so bad ATM

OOC Tab: (I put this in its own tab so if i want to ignore it i can, or i can see it when i choose to)

IM Tab: (This is the standard tab and i kept it, even though i added 'Tell' to General, because it tracks all your active private sessions)

You can arrange them however works best for you. I like having all the basic play channels in their own tab so i'm not getting spammed with unneeded chatter when i'm questing. I also don't have a Kinship or Officer channel open because i'm not in a Kinship. If you are, you could add them to Community or give them a separate tab depending on how much chatter your Kinship puts out. As i said, it is completely customizable so set it up however suits you.

Hopefully people will start using all the available channels as intended and not just shouting everything in OOC. If that happens i will move OOC back up into the Community tab where it belongs.

Hope this helps folks who are a little overwhelmed at all the chat options. Have fun, in-game and in chat.

See you in Middle Earth,

Thanks for the great walkthough and for the permission to copy it over here, neolythic.

Kava 04-02-2007 06:26 AM

Good info!! Thanks SoR, and to Cairenn for bringing it over!

Aalwein 04-20-2007 02:42 AM

To expand on this writeup, you can use /alias to create custom commands for any /command. You can utilize this method to create custom labels for your shortcuts. It works similar to the /shortcut command.

1) type -- /alias ;customName /command
ie: /alias ;time /localtime

2) type -- /alias shortcut ## /command
ie: /alias shortcut ;time 36

This will create a macro just like the shortcut command, only the label will display whatever the alias name is, in this case ";time" will be the label. You will also be able to type -- ;time -- as a shortened command for /localtime. The ;alias command becomes an active command in game, just like typing /command.

BlackKnight6667 04-20-2007 06:31 AM

Command for attack?
Hi All, is there a command that I can program to a key that will attack the currently targeted mob? I am going in for shoulder surgery next Wednesday and will only have limited mobility. I'll be using a nostromo speed pad(n52) to play without moving the shoulder too much. I know I can right click a mob, but sometimes that's a little tough...

seanwcom 04-20-2007 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by BlackKnight6667 (Post 598)
Hi All, is there a command that I can program to a key that will attack the currently targeted mob? I am going in for shoulder surgery next Wednesday and will only have limited mobility. I'll be using a nostromo speed pad(n52) to play without moving the shoulder too much. I know I can right click a mob, but sometimes that's a little tough...

Right now that key is set to the tilde key (~) by default. I don't have the client in front of me since I'm at work, but I'd be willing to bet you can change that keybinding in the options.

Aalwein 04-20-2007 11:24 AM

I use a Nostromo n52 also. I just bound the tilde key (actually its the reverse apostrophe ` by default in the game, but it the same button all the same) to the big orange button on the Nostromo for auto-attack.

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