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Marobs 05-11-2020 10:22 PM

how to shorten coordinates ???

I have in mine craftbuild a gps service.
Now i have the problem with the coordinates.
If i ask them trought the gps i get like x = 159.357 y = 65.349 z = 469.248.
now i want to shorten them so i only have left what is infront the dot.
like this x = 159 y = 65 z = 469.

how can i do this in lua code, i try to learn all i can from lua.
but some times need help. cant do it all alone.
its as they say, only together we can do it all.

thnx alot already for the help.

and btw im dutch so dont lock at type errors.


Hyoss 05-12-2020 03:58 AM

What you want to do is described here:


Also please understand that you are asking your questions in a forum dedicated to Lord of the Rings Online, not a general LUA forum.

Marobs 05-12-2020 05:59 PM

Oh sorry my fault, didnt know that, but thnx alot for the help

Hyoss 05-13-2020 03:02 AM

No need to apologize. I recommend https://stackoverflow.com/ as a general programming questions site - all kinds of programming questions are asked and answered there.

For example, here are the 17000 questions tagged with "Lua" and a lot of them answered: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/lua

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