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Scotsman79 04-26-2020 05:27 AM


I realise many options are available to help map mouse buttons. I own the WoW Legendary Mouse and only 3 buttons can be mapped to the quicklsots. This is quite frustrating and I would like to see some sort of plugin or even a LOTRO keyboard command to resolve this issue.

If anyone has any advice on how to map the rest of the WoW mouse buttons I would appreciate it that.

Please do not point me to 3rd party apps to resolve this.

Many thanks

Hyoss 04-26-2020 02:27 PM

What you want to do is neither doable with LOTRO options or a plugin.

But it is doable with the Steelseries App for your mouse. Unless you consider software from the manufacturer of your mouse third party. In that case, there is no way for you to do this.

What you need to do is use the Steelseries app to create a profile for LOTRO, in that profile map, for example, the mouse button 7 to "4" on the keyboard and then pressing that mouse button will be understood by the game the same as pressing the "4" on a regular keyboard. You can map your mouse buttons to almost everything found on a keyboard.

This is a) how all gaming mice do it and b) what is described in the manual of your mouse: http://www.subdude-site.com/WebPages...2010_15pgs.pdf

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