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Neela 11-22-2010 11:53 AM

Remove HP/MP Values only from fellowship vitals
Hi there ;)

I've got a question about the vitals display.

There is an option in the settings where you can select to either only show the bars or add either percentage or total values to the bars. However this setting affects every vital display. Also from the enemies. Is it somehow possible to remove the numbers only from the fellowshop vital display?

In my opinion it is much easier for healers to actually see how much morale is remaining if there is not a number blocking the whole section from 20% to 80%. On the other hand is is really useful to see how much morale the enemy has left exactly because many skills, phase transitions etc are moral based.
For my fellowship members I would prefer only the bars though. You get a feeling for how much of each bar a heal can fill up. Like it is I sometimes get suprised because the morale of i.e. a champion is suddenly droping below 20% when the top of the bar emerges on the left of the number. I think I would grasp it easier in the heat of battle if there weren't any numbers blocking the view.

Would that be possible at all?

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