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MrJackdaw 10-30-2010 10:12 AM

Bullroarer Patch notes
Just spotted these in the Bullroarer patch notes, Emphasis mine, and thought you guys may like to know!;
  • Plugins will no longer linger on your screen if the world shuts down while you are logged in.
  • The list of plugins is now alphabetized.
  • Controls now have HasFocus and Focus methods. The focus events now fire as well.
  • Controls now receive passive mouse move events.
  • Controls now receive double click events.
  • Fixed an issue where PluginData would not correctly save on exit.
  • Windows are not visible until SetVisible( true ) is called.
  • Windows now have a Activate method, Activated event, Deactivated event. Activate will bring the window to the foreground and the events fire when the window becomes the user focus or looses it.
  • LocalPlayer can no longer be instantiated. Users should use the static method GetInstance to get the single Local Player instance.
  • The Backpack can no longer be instantiated and can only be access from the Local Player.
  • The Backpack GetItem method will return the same instance for an item across multiple calls.
  • Actors now have GetRace and GetClass.
  • Item GetCategory now works correctly.
  • Item GetQuantity now does not erroneously return 0.
  • Quickslot now has IsUseOnRightClick, SetUseOnRightClick methods.
  • Quickslot no longer overwrites the 1st quickslot in the user's toolbar.
  • Quickslot now receives DragDrop events.
  • Quickslots no longer crashes when stacks go to 0.
  • Quickslots no longer cause crashes if not cleared before a plugin is unloaded.
  • Quickslots work correctly when used with stacks.
  • Added a ScriptLog function that allows user plugins to write information to the script log. The script log is generated whenever the client runs and is truncate at the beginning of each run.
  • Added a GetCallStack function that allows users to get the Lua call stack for debugging.
  • This exposes new attributes classes for Lua for accessing class information while playing. New APIS include GetClass, GetRace, GetAttributes, GetClassAttributes, GetRaceAttributes. The attribute classes provide additional information and events.
  • CheckedChanged should now fir correctly when the checkbox is clicked.
  • SetMinimum for ScrollBars should now function as expected.
  • Addressed a client crash that would occur after unloading a plugin that had a quickslot in a listbox.

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