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magill 10-11-2010 11:25 PM

Looking for some help
Can anyone point me to "where" the LOTRO Lau scripts write their errors and etc?

I'm an old COBOL/Fortran/Perl Unix SysAdmin, and new to this Lau stuff in LOTRO, but have become addicted to BuffBars in particular.

I tried to modify Rogidor's Mount CaroselHD to cut down on the number of mounts displayed as I only have 3, but get weird errors like "unable to find Main.lau -- Which it found prior to my edit; so I assume there is some error*or typo in the script someplace that I simply cannot see.

BTW: just to complicate things... I run LOTRO via CrossOver Games, a WINE based tool for running Windows "stuff" on the Mac OS. Which is another way of saying, any specific Windows based debugging tools may or may not prove to be of any use at all to me.

SanDBoX 10-12-2010 07:38 AM

From what I have found there are no real error logs in lua, just what it prints out to the chat window, as for debugging you can try to use LuaEdit (http://luaedit.luaforge.net/) but it didnt work out for me, maybe since I run windows 7, not sure. But it has a syntax checker option that should bring up an error if you have a bug that prevents LOTRO from loading the pluging (such as saying "unable to load plugin" without any other explination)

as for it not being able to find the file did you make sure the capitals were the same between your files? Lua is case spacific (found that out after a really annoying bug myself)

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