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Hyoss 09-26-2017 05:03 AM

Plugins developed for Russian LOTRO
Back in 2014/2015 there were some Russian LOTRO servers, even the client was (at least partially) localized to Russian. Those were run by Mail.ru however, and after being stuck at U13 when we already had U16 or U17, they were shut down in the summer of 2015.

However, there were plenty of Russian players and also there were plugins developed there. Some of them have found their way to lotrointerface, some -
I assume - have not. Now I am wondering if those are obtainable somewhere, and if a translation and update could make them useful for the everyone still playing LOTRO.

Any pointers to Russian download sites with such plugins or any further info would be much appreciated.

P.S: On a sidenote, if there are any prominent/useful plugins that were never made available on lotrointerface I would be interested in learning about them as well.

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