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AmbushMartyr 07-23-2007 11:28 AM

Just cant figure out how to use H1cks new editor! Help! heh.
Hey everyone! Long time no see! Been busy with LOTRO and havent done much lately on trying to make custom UIs. I just glanced over a few news ones and Im impressed to say the least!!! Its like now you can really move a lot of stuff around,resize and make the UI really compact!

But I have a problem! Oh Noez Problemz! I cant understand how to use the new editor H1cks made and or anything really,heh.

I know how to make a template for main bar and redesign the the skin, but when it comes to sizes,moving certain things around, im lost! Has anyone made a comprehensive tutorial on how to do step by step custom UI with or without H1cks new editor? Thanks in advance!

PS I thought someone here was going to make a complete templates package, but that may have fell through, thanks again.

Kuvasie 07-23-2007 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by AmbushMartyr (Post 1573)

PS I thought someone here was going to make a complete templates package, but that may have fell through, thanks again.

Not sure about the utility, but you can find the UI Art package here. It contains the all the art pieces we can access at this time.


Kailvine 07-23-2007 03:08 PM

I'm having problems as well.. I get this...

SkinDefinition(load): Cound not process elements of a panel. Try checking the syntax of the xml file.

I have checked the xml compared it to others and it looks fine... I even get this one some of the other UI's I've downloaded to try.

Any help please?

D.H1cks 07-24-2007 08:21 AM

Frosty posted this over on the LOTRO forums:


Take a look and hopefully that will help explain how it all works.


Let me know a specific skin that is giving that error and I will take a look to see what is causing the problem.

Kailvine 07-24-2007 10:17 AM

Nope still looked and looked at it and it looks correct this is my own version I have based on Budvar 1.1 and that does not work.

the xml is copied as below

<PanelFile ID="toolbar">
<Element ID="ToolbarField" X="727" Y="929" Width="516" Height="95" Detach="1">

<Element ID="ToolbarFieldMain" X="0" Y="0" Width="516" Height="90"></Element>

<Element ID="LevelMeter" X="87" Y="70" Width="412" Height="30">
<Element ID="LevelMeterFill" X="5" Y="12" Width="412" Height="6">
<Element ID="LevelMeter_BonusMeter" X="0" Y="0" Width="412" Height="6"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolbarButton_LevelUpXP_TutorialHighlight" X="0" Y="21" Width="416" Height="10"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolbarButton_Experience_TutorialHighlight" X="0" Y="10" Width="416" Height="10"></Element>
<Element ID="LevelMeterText" X="3" Y="10" Width="412" Height="10"></Element>

<Element ID="AutoAttackIndicatorButton" X="15" Y="29" Width="63" Height="63"></Element>
<Element ID="ViolentModeIndicator" X="15" Y="29" Width="63" Height="63"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolbarButton_AutoAttack_TutorialHighlight" X="15" Y="18" Width="76" Height="76"></Element>
<Element ID="GamePlay_FervorPipDisplay" X="1" Y="12" Width="90" Height="42"></Element>
<Element ID="GamePlay_AimPipDisplay" X="1" Y="12" Width="90" Height="42"></Element>

<Element ID="ToolBarButton_MainMenu" X="89" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolbarButton_Crafting" X="124" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolbarButton_Social" X="159" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolbarButton_Accomplishment" X="194" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolBarButton_Quest" X="229" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolbarButton_Journal" X="264" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>

<Element ID="ToolBarButton_Inventory" X="474" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolBarButton_Inventory2" X="439" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolBarButton_Inventory3" X="404" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolBarButton_Inventory4" X="369" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>
<Element ID="ToolbarButton_Inventory5" X="334" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>

<Element ID="Toolbar_Quickslot" X="87" Y="16" Width="420" Height="35"></Element>

I hope this helps.

Aalwein 07-24-2007 01:06 PM

Did you adjust the line:

<Element ID="ToolbarField" X="727" Y="929" Width="516" Height="95" Detach="1">

to your specific screen resolution per the instructions:


Firstly figure out what resolution you're running the game in (easily obtained by going into options > graphics. E.g. 1024x768, 1280x1024, etc.)

Now you'll need to replace the numbers that are highlighted in red.
(It may seem daunting, but don't worry it's not so bad)

For X= Take the width of your resolution and divide the number by 2 then subtract 300 from the result, replace this number with the current one.
(e.g. 1280 / 2 = 640, 640 - 300 = 340)

For Y= Take the Height of your resolution and subtract 145 from it, and replace this number with the current one.
(e.g. 1024 - 145 = 879)

Now, make sure you save it by selecting File > Save. Ensure that you do this, and don't select "Save As" Otherwise you may save it as something other than a .xml file (Meaning the skin just won't work)

Kailvine 07-24-2007 01:56 PM

Yes I have the screen in 1280 x 1024 so the toolbar is over to the right hand side with enough room for a quick bar to fit in.

I will try moving the bar though, but I doubt it will do any good as I've been using this UI in game for over a month now.

Kailvine 07-24-2007 02:01 PM

Still not working at all. Same problems.

D.H1cks 07-24-2007 03:27 PM

For this line:

<Element ID="ToolBarButton_Inventory" X="474" Y="54" Width="34" Height="24"></Element>

Change ToolBarButton_Inventory to ToolbarButton_Inventory. I know, my code does not like it when the ID is not EXACTLY correct. The game must be better at handling that minor detail.

Kailvine 07-24-2007 04:51 PM

I have tried to turn ToolBarButton_Inventory to ToolbarButton_Inventory = did not work.

Tried all to be Toolbar<the rest of it>, and all to be ToolBar<the rest of it> and even commented out every line one by one AND all in order.. still not working at all. Still same message, unless I comment out too much then it says it can not read the xml.

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