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magill 08-24-2012 05:23 PM

Riders of Rohan Beta NDA Lifted -- LUA Release notes
As per http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?475957:

'"Today (8/22) we have officially released Riders of Rohan beta testers from their NDA. Beta testing will contiune as we move towards our new release date of October 15th. In the meantime, those Beta testers who wish to share their thoughts and experiences thus far with the general community are encouraged to do so here." - Sapience''

As always, these are preliminary release notes and do not reflect the final changes, features, or systems that will ship with the final product. Everything here is subject to change.

  • Added IsMarkupEnabled, SetMarkupEnabled to the Label class. This will allow for a limited set of HTML style tags to be used for formatting text. Tags include<b>, <i>, <u>, <p>, and a custom <rgb=#XXXXXX> tag. Make sure you close them </>.
  • Added Graphic class. This class can be initialized with an asset ID or a path to a plugin asset and will then hold an instance of that resource that can be used by SetBackground on controls. Using this class allows for the caching of graphics used by plugins.
  • Added GetBackground to Control. This returns a Graphic object that can be used to set the background of other controls to the same graphic.
  • Added GetLanguage to Engine. This returns an enumeration value from Language that represents the supported client languages. This reflects directly what language was specified to the client to use.
  • Added GetMoney, GetMoneyComponents, GetDestinyPoints to MonsterPlayerAttributes.
  • Added GetStance and change event to WardenAttributes.
  • Added GetTrainedGambits, GetUntrainedGambits to WardenAttributes.
  • Added GetTrainedSkills, GetUntrainedSkills to LocalPlayer.
  • Added Harmony to the MinstrelStance enumeration.
  • Added GetWinterstormLevel, GetMasterOfTragedyLevel, GetMasterOfAllusionLevel, GetMasterOfConnocationLevel, and change events to RuneKeeperAttributes.
  • Changed ItemAdded, ItemRemoved in the Wallet to include the WalletItem in the arguments class as args.Item.
  • Added color constants for the standard web color set to Turbine.UI.Color.
  • Added GetMount to LocalPlayer.
  • Added Mount, BasicMount, and CombatMount.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging the chat window over a lua window that supported drag drop would result in the chat window dissapearing and eventually a crash.

Cairenn 08-24-2012 06:47 PM

Thanks for posting this magill, you beat me to it. I've moved it to the 'news' on the front page of the site, save posting duplicate threads. :)

Uthboth 08-25-2012 12:44 AM

There's going to be a problem with a lot of UIs. The one I'm using now on live has been my baby for a long time, but on beta the main-bar is non-functional. It's due to them adding the auto switching to the bars for mounted combat and I'm not skilled enough to fix it. My concern is that if there isn't a fix found by a coder, there's going to be a lot of people with custom UIs flaming Turbine for breaking something (Turbine) still considers in beta.

This isn't a rip on Turbine as multiple skill setups is a nice feature for people that don't use plugins or custom UIs. For those that do there are growing pains for us from time to time.

Adra 08-25-2012 07:20 AM

Yes, custom toolbars are broken in RoR beta, universal toolbars are graphically hit in the face a second time since update 7 :mad: , but they remain functional.

... But it will be a pain to redraw it in order to shift the right side buttons, especially at the present state where the buttons have much less space separating it, which is a real problem with skins displaying "large" borders around the buttons.

As soon a skinning pack update will be released, and at the condition it includes the new toolbar code, we should be able to fix the custom toolbars, the core of the question will probably be release date of this pack.
A few days before the october 15th should be ideal, by I seriously doubt this will be the case. I asked the question 4 times on lotro forums, but I still had no answer.

Queekusme 08-27-2012 05:00 AM


Originally Posted by magill (Post 8121)
Added IsMarkupEnabled, SetMarkupEnabled to the Label class. This will allow for a limited set of HTML style tags to be used for formatting text. Tags include<b>, <i>, <u>, <p>, and a custom <rgb=#XXXXXX> tag. Make sure you close them </>.

This is my fav part tho cannot test fully as they haven't finished the bold and italic stuff yet

Garan 09-12-2012 04:40 PM

Some more cool Lua expansions for RoR
Added to the Lua release notes today (Sept 12):
  • - Added Crafting classes to Lua! New classes and enumerations: CraftTier, Profession, ProfessionInfo, Recipe, RecipeIngredient, Vocation.
  • - Added GetVocation, GetProfessionInfo, and VocationChanged event to FreePeopleAttributes.
  • - Changed how events are fired from native code. The objects registered as an event handler can now be a callable table. The Turbine.Event lua class has been updated to make use of this functionality as an example.
  • - Changed Control.SetBackColor so that it can accept Nil. This can be used to reset the back color so that it will be transparent again.
  • - Added TextChanged event to TextBox.
  • - Added Sort to ListBox. Takes in a function that is callback with two list items for comparison.
  • - Fixed a text positioning issue with Labels when they were below a minimum size.
  • - Added GetFilter, SetFilter to TreeView. The filter is used to filter the displayed tree nodes. The filter is a function that is called back with each treeview item.
  • - Added GetSortMethod, SetSortMethod to TreeView. The sort method is a function that is called back to perform node sorting.
  • - Added Refresh to TreeView. This will force filtering and sorting to be reapplied. Useful if you change the data the filter relies on.
  • - Added SelectedChanged event to TreeNode.
  • - Fixed an issue with constructing TreeNode heirarchies and then adding the root of that tree to a TreeView. This now works as expected.
  • - Added Get/Set Minimum/Maximum Width/Height/Size methods to Window. This allows constraints to be set on resizable windows. These constraints affect calls to SetSize as well.
  • - Added ItemInfoControl. This is similar to ItemControl only it accepts an ItemInfo object and the quantity can be specified manually. This also supports a grayed out state when SetEnabled(false) is called.
I am particularly excited about the new Crafting functionality.

Additionally, there is an undocumented change that was made with last update:

GetTarget() - returns an Entity representing the current target of an Entity. You can now get the the player's target, a partymember's target, etc. You can even use :GetTarget():GetTarget() to get an Entity's current target's target. Note that the Entity returned by GetTarget will cease to be valid (all it's methods will return nil and it will cease to fire events - as it should) as soon as the original entity changes targets.

There is an event TargetChanged which can be registered for any entity, but if the entity it is associated with is no longer valid (out of range or no longer targeted) the event will not fire.

I already spent some time playing with GetTarget() and it has some signifcant limitations in its current implementation, but it is still a HUGE step forward.

moebius92 09-13-2012 11:51 PM

Oh nice. Targets are finally going in. Target vitals have been one of the suppressible UI elements for ... quite a while. I was actually expecting it to show up earlier.

Edit: Hmm. I'd swear I'm getting some sort of memory leak that's impacting performance when I track targets and target effects.

Further edit: The quirks/bugs in target effects are down right interesting this time around.

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