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souru 06-10-2020 10:01 AM

identifying Entitys
i want to know if my current target was in my target before
so i saved a list of all previous targets but after you change target these dont work anymore ...

so is there a way to identify an entity/actor after i changed the target?

Hyoss 06-10-2020 12:02 PM

You probably saved references to objects that stopped existing, and the next time they became the target they got assigned a new identity. You would need to save some identifier that does not change over time, but I have no experience with that to suggest one.

Thurallor 06-10-2020 03:24 PM

I did some investigation about this for a recent update to SequenceBars.

If your target is a member of your party (fellowship or raid), the objects you get from GetTarget() remain good as long as people remain in your party.

If your target isn't a member of your party, then it will be "forgotten" by the API as soon as you click away. The object's GetName() function will return "". You will no longer be able to assign it to an EntityControl (with SetEntity()).


Originally Posted by souru
i want to know if my current target was in my target before

The only way I've found to do this is to save a set of unique identifying info about a mob (name, base max. morale, etc.) and compare that to new targets. Of course this doesn't work in situations with multiple identical mobs.

souru 06-10-2020 04:38 PM

yeah i cant do it that way because you often have multiple identical mobs in the same fight

ty for the quick answer

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