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bitz_a 05-13-2012 04:50 PM

Starting first skin
I have begun looking at skins recently, and the more I look at options, the more one takes shape in my head that I don't see anywhere. So I thought I'd make one.

Only....where do I start? I downloaded GIMP and the most recent art pack I could find, so I hope I should be able to make or adapt the graphics I want (would the U6 art pack have all the art stuff, or just the stuff that was changed with U6?).

Where can I find a free XML editor, or something for that portion of the skinning? I have no way to save XMLs that I can find, and no clear, easy way to edit them.

Also, within the art pack I see a txt that shows what looks like locations/sizes of various elements, and an XML that shows all the art assets or whatever they're called. But the skins I've downloaded and looked at somehow combine all of those -- how do you know what to put in where, and how do you figure out which of all these strangely-named things will actually change the look of, say, the toolbar or options panel? If I edit one thing, load the game, load the skin, reload the game to see if that was the right thing -- it will take me years to make a skin, and there are so many out there already that there has got to be a more efficient way.

Does anyone have any tips for a total newbie?



D.H1cks 05-13-2012 06:27 PM

You can use any text editor to edit the xml files.

Yes, there is a text file (SkinDictionary.txt) that defines the size and position of most of the UI elements. If you wish to change the layout of a panel, you will need to include the correct section from that file in the SkinDefinition.xml file.

If you only wish to change the art, you do not need to worry about it.

You can also try using the skin editor to avoid loading/reloading the game to check your changes. Its a bit out of date, but should be fairly accurate still.

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