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Cairenn 04-21-2021 01:16 PM

[DDO]Update 49 Release Notes, April 21st, 2021
Of Special Note:

Peril of the Planar Eyes

Help scholars from Morgrave University as they search Xen'drik for the Planar Eyes, mysterious artifacts tied to the power of Eberron's planes. But be careful - the Eyes are also sought by a new and mysterious cult known as the Hidden Hand!

This new adventure pack is FREE to VIPs and available in the DDO Store! Peril of the Planar Eyes includes four adventures, available at level 12 on Heroic and 32 on Legendary difficulty:
  • An Element of Chaos - Questgiver: Thaddeus Donbury
  • Eye Know Whodunnit - Questgiver: Alban Kimble
  • Seizing the Dawn - Questgiver: Fain d'Phiarlan
  • Beautiful Nightmares - Questgiver: Electa Poole
All of the quests can be accessed from Lordsmarch Plaza in Stormreach.

Changes focused on game performance

Update 49 includes significant adjustments to melee and missile combat to address long term concerns about game performance. One of the most frequent causes of lag happens when an Effects Queue forms, which means that players have applied a ton of on-hit effects to a monster and the game has reached a buffer and must clear its queue in order to continue processing new information. We are specifically targeting Server-based lag with this change. Behind the scenes, the server crunches damage, effects, and debuffs in a big queue. We can measure how efficient the server is at processing this queue by measuring the server frames. To begin researching and addressing the root cause we put together simulations of a standard large group and their on-hit profiles. What we found was that the amount of damage dealt didn't matter, it was about the frequency that effects were being applied. It didn't matter if a simulation was against one target or many - if the effects queue was in trouble the rest of the instance had its performance significantly impacted. That means lag for not just you and your group but for other people on the server.

Source and full patch notes.

hertavein 05-15-2024 12:37 AM

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