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Xix 05-04-2017 01:02 PM

JRR Azure Glass - Larger Dressing Room not doing anything

I downloaded this skin-pack and extracted it in the path below. Mainly for the "Larger Dressing Room" skin.
However, when I select the skin and ctrl-click a piece of gear in-game to get into the dressing room, nothing has happened. It's exactly the same as before/original.

I have tried restarting the game a couple of times, and enable/disable it again but nothing changed. The only skin that works for me is the "Universal" skin-pack.

This is my file path: (all the skins folders are in the "JRR AzureGlass" folder)
C:\Users\xxx\Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\ui\skins\JRR AzureGlass

Note: I am using ReShade, a shader/lightning tool to enhance my game's graphics.

If I select the "Basic" skin pack it messes the UI up. (see pic)

Picture: http://imgur.com/a/7HjF6 (Edited: IMG tags didn't show the picture)

The most important thing to me is to get the "Larger Dressing Room" skin to work, but I'm showing the messed up UI as an example and it might be related?

Does anyone know of a reason why this doesn't do anything for me? :confused:

Thanks a lot for your help! :D



Adra 05-04-2017 06:24 PM


having ui upside down right after selecting the skin is normal, look at installation step 5 : log off then relog your character.

however, with azure glass (except universal toolbar profile) depending your screen resolution you'll probably have to edit the skindefinition.xml file to put the main toolbar at the correct location (step 3).

If you're not interested in the skin itself, but only in larger panels, you can try this one : http://www.lotrointerface.com/downlo...cedpanels.html
It uses universal toolbar, no need to edit the skindefinition.xml file.



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