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Eili 02-08-2011 12:10 PM

help on color code please
I am not a programer at all, i just know one or two little things, but where my mind says a No No it is for understanding coding colour in LUA.

So far i understand the RGB system but i dont catch it in LUA.

So knowing that ( Turbine.UI.Color(0,0,0,0)) is transparent, if i want to give

- light grey
- dark gold or light gold

what would be the code please ?

Thank you

D.H1cks 02-08-2011 12:34 PM

In Lotro LUA plugins, the first number is the alpha value, then RGB follows. The numbers range from 0 to 1.

For fully opaque colors, always start with a 1.

Grey would be Turbine.UI.Color(1,0.9,0.9,0.9). To make it darker, change the 0.9 values to something lower, making sure to keep all 3 values the same.

For gold, I got a gold HEX code from this site: http://www.htmlhelp.com/cgi-bin/color.cgi

The value for gold was FFD700 in hex.

Quick answer is this translates to Turbine.UI.Color(1,1,0.84,0).

To get these numbers, translate each part from hex to decimal, then divide by 255.

Edit: Found this site that sets the background color according to the values entered, can be useful for finding the correct numbers you need.

Eili 02-08-2011 12:47 PM

Thank you very much


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