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Eili 12-19-2011 11:34 AM

Little *problems* with Lotro Manager
So after some days, i noticed some little problems affecting some pluginsŤ - i will try to be clear in my explanations but if it is not just ask me to be more prcise:

- Travel : the placeholder for the milestones map are not refreshing correctly. Each time i travel, the milestone take the no bind appearance. To refresh it i have to extend the Travel window.

- Bevy : The in combat out combat does not refresh all the time correctly --attention i dont use the module as it is too limited for me--- I use the mouse over functionnality.


- To be able to use all the plugins without the option panel ready, i use Bootstrap within Lotro manager to log all those plugins.

I just noticed that at logging i am spammed twice with :
XX has been loaded
then there is for some plugins the Help command

but this occurs two times now. It seems that even using Bootstrap, Lotro give a first list then Bootstrap.

- Entering in session mode try to load all the plugins too

THank you

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