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Athalahelm 07-02-2017 07:36 PM

Craft Search per Tier NOT Alphabetic
LOTRO has what 9 tiers of crafts. Trying to find ore, ingots, etc for each tier is becoming a major pain the ass.

Expansion will likely add a 10th+ going forward.

At a bare minimum I'm asking for some enterprising programmer/modder to create a plugin that sorts ore and ingots by craft tier.

If I put my collective gathering from all my alts into shared storage- I can then find whatever tier I need when I need it. T7- Ancient Steal vs Tier 1 copper ore, etc.

I can perhaps split up ingots and ore, but pushing Ancient Silver toward the end of the line is impossible unless I segregate it altogether and there's too many other perks demanding space/attention.

You all know this better than me, etc.


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