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Oberion 02-14-2007 09:32 PM

dwarven artwork
Does anyone know where I could get some good dwarven artwork? I've used google and some links some other people gave me but I haven't really gotten anything that is really helpful.

Cairenn 02-14-2007 11:44 PM

What sort of "dwarven artwork" are you looking for? Images of dwarves? Images of (obviously theoretical, since dwarves aren't "real") dwarven structures? Carvings that could be considered to have a "dwarven" feel to them? Pretty broad topic you've got at the moment, can you narrow it a bit? :)

anGel 02-15-2007 08:31 AM

You should try the artworks and fan site kit of Warhammer games ;)

Lot's of dwarf's banners & stuff ^^

Oberion 02-15-2007 02:19 PM

I am seeing any artwork you can find. Mostly structures like bow, forges, taverns, ale, stuff like that.

agentfive 02-15-2007 02:37 PM

I would stick with stone materials. If you play a dwarf by default you end up in Thorin's Gate - there's tons of great material textures in that area. If you would make a toolbar or stone like borders - that would seem more dwarf - maybe even with some snow capped tops.

Cairenn 02-15-2007 07:12 PM

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Okay, taking fully and completely into account that I am not in any way shape or form an artist, I give you the following as an example (in my mind) of the sort of thing you'd see from a dwarf. Lots of celtic knotwork and images, graven in heavy stone. Delicate wrought jewelry stuff is the work of elves, dwarves work in stone.

(Please don't laugh too hard, it was my first attempt at doing graphic work for an mmorpg interface myself, a very long time ago.)

*Is always really nervous about showing that anywhere, it sucks so bad.*

Oberion 02-15-2007 08:44 PM


Doesn't actually look to bad. Probably better looking them my first.

agentfive 02-27-2007 01:58 PM

I've added a dwarven stone toolbar in the downloads. It might be a good start for you for your dwarven mod.

Oberion 02-27-2007 08:05 PM

Nice modification but I still prefer to make my own just was seeking pics from anyone that might run across some. I take some myself but I don't see everything so I wouldn't be able to. I might as well post my picture so far from what i've done.

Currently trying to figure out how to shape the bar a bit so it isn't so box shape looking more roundish or so.

This is in no way a final just getting the hang of it. Especially seeing it's not really fully customizable yet. :)

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