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Lunatan 06-28-2016 01:27 AM

Brauche hilfe (Need help)
hallo leider habe ich ein problem mit Daily Tasks reference ´wenn ich das icon drücke bekomme ich immer die meldungen Belegaer/AllCharacters/DailyTasks_Settings.plugindata:5: ']' expected near ',' und ...he Rings Online\Plugins\Vinny\DailyTasks\DT_Main.lua:33: Unable to parse file!
hoff mir kann jemand helfen.und sorry ich kann leider kein english.

Cairenn 06-28-2016 04:35 AM

Courtesy Google Translate:

"Hello, unfortunately I have a problem with Daily Tasks reference I 'If the icon press I always get the messages Belegaer / AllCharacters / DailyTasks_Settings.plugindata: 5:'] 'expected near', 'and ... hey Rings Online \ Plugins \ Vinny \ Daily tasks \ DT_Main.lua: 33: Unable to parse file!
hope someone can helfen.und sorry I unfortunately can not english."

Cairenn 06-28-2016 04:39 AM

I think he is referencing this addon.

Thurallor 06-29-2016 07:18 AM

Delete the file
Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/PluginData/<name>/Belegaer/AllCharacters/DailyTasks_Settings.plugindata
and the plugin should work again.

Cairenn 06-29-2016 08:07 PM

If that doesn't work, try looking into this addon, it may take care of it for you.

Lunatan 07-04-2016 02:20 AM

´thx all

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