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AzraelChristos 05-27-2022 05:19 PM

Gamepad Support?
Is there a plug-in to use a Gamepad? I know that it would be extremely complicated, and if I were to guess, I would guess that there isn't one. I just thought that I'd ask. Sorry, I'm new here. I'm really interested in this game, my wife is too, but she doesn't like using keyboard and mouse, she likes to use gamepads. Thanks in advance!

Hyoss 05-29-2022 03:49 AM

Controlling the game with a gamepad is very complicated since there is for example no keybind to accept quests and turn in quests at all; it has to be done with the mouse cursor.

LOTRO plugins are also very limited in what they can do and there is none that can offer support for GamePads.

You should check out the options Steam gives you for mapping a controller, many people have experimented with controller layouts there - it is a bit hidden since the controller config is meant to help with Big Picture mode first.

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