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lunarwtr 10-30-2011 10:56 AM

NPC or Player Interaction tag
I figured out a new tag that can be used (like the examine tag for items). It allows you to right click on NPC or player names and pull up a context menu. For NPCs this lets u interact, for players this lets u invite, message or inspect.

Format of the tag is as follows..

<Select:IID:0x0000000000000000>Name Goes Here<\Select>

In the spot where u have a lot of repeating zero's you place a unique hex value that identifies the player or npc. This might be a great way to maintain a list of peoples alts, or perhaps an address book. Or since it lets u inspect a player, you can keep a list of players you wish to inspect for later date. Just some thoughts.

lunarwtr 10-31-2011 04:10 PM

Looks like the id changes with each login. its probably just refering to a client side memory address for player & such. Could still be useful though. For addons like Loot rolling collection etc.. can have ui with user clickable/interacable labels & stuff like that.

lunarwtr 10-31-2011 04:14 PM

On a side note i found a few other tags like this. Requires a little trial and error though to figure them out. So far, I've only figure out another one that has to do with quests. I hope to incorporate that into next version of Compendium.

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