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Litos 04-16-2021 02:43 AM

Interface development dead?

Been a long time user of some of the great interfaces developed here.

What do you guys think of the current situation of interfaces?
It seems to me that the scene is pretty much dead, apart from the plugins side...

It is such a shame, back in the day there was a new interface released every other week!

What are your thoughts?

Hyoss 04-17-2021 07:20 AM

The whole LOTRO community became smaller. Those who still play have become older - many of those who had plenty of time became parents or took on other responsibilities, and prefer playing in their limited time rather than working on interfaces.

Add to that that support for skinning and writing plugins is abysmal. Documentation is super sparse, so creating interfaces has a high barrier of entry. Other than creating a new visual style, there is no motivation to create interface skins stemming from new features (like resized minimap or crafting window).

Unless a major event would revitalize the whole community of LOTRO this will not change as well.

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