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02-13-2010, 11:15 PM
I have 2 questions...
Is it possible to completely disable the map?
Is it possible to turn off quest notifications completely?

can I make these elements pixel=0x0

thanks for the help

02-14-2010, 03:07 PM
Opps,I just realize you asked for DDO forum and not for Lotro,sorry, but just incase I'm leaving the info if you were actually asking for Lotro and not DDO.

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I assume the mini map?

You can turn those feature off in the ingame options,just that the minimap you need to keybind it to work.

http://s4.postimage.org/XGwZJ.jpg (http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=aVXGwZJ)

09-15-2014, 02:40 AM
friends I just simply understand people wanted DDO online community and never intended for Lotro, apologies, yet only incase I'm leaving the data if you had been really trying for Lotro and never DDO.