View Full Version : UI skining art pack easy to edit

07-10-2009, 06:13 AM

I'm a little french dude trying to understand everything here in English ;)

A very important and good thing for me would be an easyer way to edit and mod UI skin with the followings:

- A UI art pack skin, including ALL the parts of the base skin (and I say ALL!!! Everything, every part, every little icon...)
- That UI art pack would contain sub folders for each important parts (a folder for character pannel, another one for quest panel etc... for exemple)
- Names of the "objects" inside the folder would be more explicit to easyly understand what is this and what is that (Overlay would be all the overlay paterns, background the backgrounds etc... for exemple...)

It would be a so great thing to obtain a tool, guiding us to know what we have to modify to obtein the result we want. I do not know if I'm clear. My problem is that I know well image modification tools like Photoshop or else, but I do not know that much on codes and XML or other things like this. That is a very BIG frustration... :-(

Finaly, there is absolutly NOT any French tools or development for UI skins... :-(

07-10-2009, 01:44 PM

Non, il n'y a pas d'outils en français. En anglais pas beaucoup plus d'ailleurs :)

Pour éditer les skins : VIM pour les XML et Photoshop pour les TGA. Et beaucoup de temps si tu bouges des éléments de l'interface qui nécéssitent une déco/reco à chaque fois.

Si je peux t'aider sur un point précis, n'hésite pas à me PM ;)