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11-02-2007, 06:09 AM
Greetings Turbine,

Straight ahead one question: Do you have any intention to allow the players to modify the skill icons?

As more and more players join your game, new ui modifications become available. But...even with a lot of effort the possibilities of modding are next to nothing until now. Could you please allow us to modify the skill icons?

I do not want to offend your artists who designed them, but this little icons are well...completly unsexy, at least in my eyes. Having a stylish ui (like the celtic one) and a cutting game engine this dozens of flashing colors of our skill icons are hurting the eyes, not to speak about the symbol design.


11-02-2007, 10:13 AM
The skill icons are stored in a completely different area/format than the UI definitions. The current skinning tech was written for the "hardcoded" UIs: the things that appear on the screen that deal with layouts and appearances.

Skills are completely dependent on race, class, and equipment so the existing technology that scans over the UIs to make the ArtAssetIDs for you to modify doesn't know anything about the skill icons.

I will say "it's possible" to give access to these icons. We would need to allocate the engineering time to make it so.


11-02-2007, 08:23 PM
Would be pretty cool if we had access to the icon backgrounds, health/mana bar textures as well :)

I personally would greatly appreciate some text modification as well, such as the tooltip's formatting/fonts etc.

11-03-2007, 06:05 AM
Thank you for the fast answer Frosty.

Until now, just putting on candles and praying that in the future you can spare resources to make it possible.

Should it happen, please try also to allow the use of bigger icons (more pix*pix squares). If someone wants bigger icons, this would not only resize the small ones, but replace low-detail pix icons with bigger and higher-detail pix icons.

If you could make the icon file just an external image map-file it would be pretty easy to modify it. Am thinking about three map-files small/medium/big. So each one could give diffrent pix*pix squares.