View Full Version : Unit frames: customizable when?

06-21-2007, 09:48 AM
Hi all. I'm an avid modder for various games, most recently WoW (good riddance, though the modding freedom was nice...once :P), and have settled down to play LotRO for a bit.

I understand the UI is much more limited and hardwired in some aspects compared to what I'm used to, so I'd like to start simple. I suppose this post is aimed in general at Frosty, although if any players can offer information relating to specific points, that would be great too.

Broadly speaking, my question is: when can we expect to be able to customize the "unit frames" of the player, target, target of target, fellowship members, and raid members?

These frames are my highest priority in modding the UI, as I believe we have enough rudimentary features with action buttons, the chat log, map, etc. to get by for now. Raiding and PvMP, however, are much more immersive and less stressful when we have efficient, data-packed, user-customized unit frames!

My areas of concern regarding the unit frames include (scalability for all elements being a given):

- Sorting rules, independent scaling (e.g. small buffs, big debuffs; or vice versa), and (optional) timer text for buff and debuff icons. These icons are the highest priority for unit frames IMO! Also would like to see the buff and debuff elements detached from at least the self and main target frames, so that they can be freely repositioned. A nice option would be choosing how many lines of icons will be displayed and how many icons per line.

- User-customizable coloring for difficulty text (e.g. names). It would also be great if we could choose to have text colored per class (for PCs) instead of difficulty, and to allow completely arbitrary colors if one chooses (think of colorblind folks!).

- Removing or reskinning the border artwork on various unit frames. Basic background color, border, and transparency options for each frame.

- Ability to break apart a block of group member unit frames and move them independently. Vertical and horizontal layout options. A transparent dock to anchor split frames to.

- Toggleable switches to turn on/off things like: group buff/debuff icons, group health/power bars, portraits, etc. Scaling for each of these elements independently. Magnetized docking so we can rearrange them would be nice, too. ;)

- An option to drastically slim down the raid unit frames...as each class's role differs, we do not all need to focus on the same info. Perhaps scaling and toggleable elements will cover this; if not, it would be great to get it as an interim kludge option sometime soon.

- Fonts! Please, oh please, tell me we will get font customizability...not only in unit frames, but throughout the UI. ;)

That's all for now. I realize this is a huge list of suggestions/requests and it's unlikely any of it will see the light of live servers soon, but I hope to see some of this customizability eventually, or a response as to whether this degree of freedom is planned...if not just the unveiling of the whole API. :D

While I'm here, two minor questions that are vaguely UI-related:

1) The bull's-eye target that pops up for automatically targeting a mob for a CJ--any chance we could get a keybinding for that CJ assist symbol? It's driving me crazy! I'm a rabid hotkeyer, not a mouse-clicker, and that's the one thing I'm slow to react to.

2) Is there a text command for /assist functionality?

Cheers to this community & Frosty for your work; love the game, can't wait to get some real control over the UI.