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How do I install this? (FAQ)
Name: WCFilter   Popular!
Date: 09-27-2016 04:37 PM
Size: 40.01 Kb
Version: 1.6.2
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Size: 129.10 Kb
Dimensions: 1169 x 699
WCFilter with open optionspanel
Worried about the spam in the world chat? - here is your solution ...

WCFilter (short for World Chat Filter) is a plugin that can make your life in game easier, because it is very configurable, so you can config it easy for your needs.

  1. - Fully localized for english, german and french languages.
  2. - Many fix filters that can be inverted (that means only selected will be shown, else they will be filtered), The File for that filters can be easily edited, with limited using of LUA-wildcards.
    Note: the build-in filters for english and french language are in that version very pure at the moment, so I need some help to complete that work.
  3. - Messages from Players can be hidden (Player-Blacklist), or always shown (Player-Whitelist) by setting their names in optionspanel (best in lowercase, seperated by a space type) - so you read no trolls, if you want so
  4. - userdefined filter for in- and exclusion of messages (they must be defined in lowercase and always ending with a ; (else it will be ignored) .
  5. - Filter functions can be temporarily disabled.
  6. - Option for auto pause in combat and/or instance.
  7. - It has an Ingame documentation in 3 languages.

Importend Note for Installation:

After installation and start, you have to add a new register for world and have to activate the world in there. Then you must deactivate world in default, so that the plugin can filter the messages. The reason for that is, that if you don´t do so, you didn´t have world at relogging (that is a workaround for the turbine-bug) and have to relog onesmore after activating.
After this, all filter passed Messages will be shown in default tab as default messages.
Hint: change the color in default tab, for standard messages to the one used for worldchat.


- some special characters (german and french language) will not work properly as pattern, while there are problems with special characters.
- the fixed filters will work best for german language (my nature language is german) and the pattern for english and french (french use english ones at the moment, sorry) have to be reworked.
- not all LUA-wildcards will work.

  • - try to fix the wildcard problems
  • - option for changing the output channel (if possible)

  • v1.4.7: first localized release (previous beta versions are released in lotro-forum, german section for testing)
  • v1.4.8: added the ability to overwrite the pattern language in options panel, to fit for different client language then on servers.
  • For that, the Patternfiles have been modified a little.
  • Added PluginCompendium-File.
  • Small Bugfixes.
  • v1.4.9: Small Bugfix.
  • v1.5.0: Changed the savepath to charcter (so each char can have its own prefs) and added option to load / save serverwide prefs (this will be loaded if no prefs are existing, instead of defaults). Old existing prefs will be used as serverwide, so there is nothing more to do for you.
  • The OptionsPanel is reworked.
  • Edited the pattern for german language.
  • v1.5.1: Small Bugfixes within the Load/Save routine.
    The character prefs were be overwriten on start, if serverwide-prefs exists - that is fixed. Also it fires out a message, if prefs are changed by load/saving or reset.
  • v1.5.2: Some Codechanges to shorten and clean the code.
    The drawer Burgus/common isn´t needed anymore and it can be deleted.
  • v1.5.3: Added some shell-commands and the option to disable temporarily the filtering, with shell-command.
    The Optionspanel can now be opened by entering /wcf options from the chatwindow.
  • v1.5.4: added a button for easier opening the optionspanel, this can be positioned on the screen and the position will be saved (initialized in the lower left corner).
    added option "quiet" (the same function as "off", but it hides all World-channel-Messages, instead of fire them out). It can toggle the state, or you can use "on" for reactivation.
    Added a new avatar for WCFilter.
  • v1.6.0: Added a documentation to the plugin, which can be opened by typing "/wcf help", or in the optionspanel, by clicking on the Help-Text in the top right corner.
    Note: if there are misspelling in the documentation, please report this (my native language is german, but you can report this in english too).
    Added the options "Pause in combat" and "Pause in instance" to the optionspanel, as well as the option to disable the icon for WCF.
    The options "off" and "quiet" are added to the optionspanel, but the states will not be saved, because this would be permanent disable WCFilter.
    The Pause-Options will disable WCFilter temporarily, so no messages from world chat will be printed out (bypasses "off" and "quiet" also).
    Until Instance- or Combat-mode is active, some shellcommands, the icon (if active) and the options in optionspanel will be disabled.
    Note: The Pause-Option for instances is not tested on other servers then german, so if it doesn´t work, please report this and i´ll try to fix it.
    All three new options will be active by default, "off" and "quiet" are disabled at start.
    If you edit a Pattern-file for the build-in filters, then you can set your name now, by setting the author-var (it will be noticed if it is loaded).
    Some code revisions.
  • v1.6.1: Added Menu to the icon (right Mouse) for reloading and unloading WCFilter.
    Fixed instance/detection for english and french clients.
    Fixed english text (was french) in options.
  • v1.6.2: Added function for autodetect if Monsterplayer, if match, then the inbuild filters will be disabled, as well as the Instancemode, Include-list and Player-Whitelist.
    In this Mode all messages will be shown (you can disable it by setting the option "quiet", or in optionspanel), except those will be found by Player-Blacklist, or Exclude-list.
    The Monsterplay-Mode uses its own prefs (also serverwide).
    The texts of disabled options in optionspanel will be greyed out now.

Have fun
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Unread 01-14-2018, 06:04 AM  
The Wary
Thaliruth's Avatar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 0
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Uploads: 1
Thany You

The plugin is worth gold against Goldspamer. Here you see it LIVE in action, where the Goldspamer be filtered out

Hie rkönnt ihr das Plugin LIVE im einsatz sehen, nun habt ihr im Weltchat Ruhe vor Goldspamern

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Unread 01-31-2017, 05:04 PM  
The Wary

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filter destination option

It would be great if we could set it to use a specific chat channel instead of Standard.

/joinchannel o9as8dhfp2n3ui
set plugin to channel 4.
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Unread 09-14-2016, 11:27 AM  
The Wary
burgus34's Avatar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

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How to config WCFilter

How does it work:
The chathandler in WCFilter listen to the world-chat and if it finds a message then the message will be compared with pattern.
If a match will be found, then it handle it by checking what is to doo with it (eg. fire it out). The fired out messages will be send to the standard-channel, as they were written in world-channel.

WCFilter has some built-in filters, that can be enabled, or disabled. The function to reverse function (the first checkbox) indicates if the message that was found will be fired out, or not, and if checked, all not matching messages will be ignored, else it will be fired out. The reverse-function takes only effect on these filters.

The black- and whitelist bypasses all other filterfunctions and give you the possibility some players messages to be hidden, or always to show (whitelist) in chat. The names can be added in the lists by separating them with a space-char.

The userdefined filters work as the built-in ones, except that they can be edited in optionspanel and it will be executed before the built-in filters.
The pattern can be added by separating them with a semicolon ( Note: each pattern have to be suffixed by a semicolon, else it will be ignored.

There are some chat-commands for wcf available (/wcf [option]):
options: Opens the Optionspanel.
show: Displays the current settings.
off: Deactivate the Filter-function (Show messages)
quiet: Deactivate the Filter-function (Do not display messages)
on: Reactivate the Filter-function
blacklist: Shows the entries of the Player-Blacklist.
whitelist: Shows the entries of the Player-Whitelist.
include: Shows the entries of the Inclusion Filter.
exclude: Shows the entries of the Exclusion Filter.
The off option disable the filterfunctions complete and can be reactivated by using the option on. Note: the name of the options can be differ for other languages (eg. "on" is for german = "ein").
How to config:
To get all messages to be fired out without filtering, uncheck all checkboxes and if you eg. want to use the player-blacklist only, then check the checkbox for it and add some names.

To get no message to be fired out in default, uncheck all checkboxes except the first on, to reverse the function. So all messages will be shown.

if you use a client in a different language than the server are, you can set the pattern that should be used for the built-in filters in optionspanel.
Have fun

Last edited by burgus34 : 09-15-2016 at 10:53 AM.
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