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Category: LotRO PatchesCombat Analysis with BuffMonitor Support
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How do I install this? (FAQ)
Name: Combat Analysis with BuffMonitor Support   Popular!
Date: 06-30-2022 03:25 AM
Size: 2.96 Kb
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demo of debuffs in BuffMonitor
This file is a Patch for Combat Analysis. You must have that installed before this Patch will work.


This patch adds the following to Combat Analysis:
- Sends debuffs to BuffMonitor with Quickslots with Debuff Support

Installation and Startup

To manually install:
- First, you need to install Combat Analysis. This patch cannot stand alone without that plugin. Unzip the archive and drag the "CombatAnalysis" folder into your "Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins" folder. (If you have not previously installed any plugins, you will have to first create the Plugins folder.)
- Next, download this patch and unzip it. It also contains a "CombatAnalysis" folder, which you should drag into the same place as before. You will be prompted to overwrite files; answer yes. The files should be merged into the existing files in the folder.

To load the plugin, use the game's built-in Plugin Manager. This can be found in the "^" menu, at the bottom of the screen. Click the ^ icon, then choose "System" and then "Plugin Manager".

When the Plugin Manager opens, find "CombatAnalysis" in the list on the left side. Click "Load" to load the plugin.

See Combat Analysis for general usage instructions. For configuring debuffs, see the "Buff/Debuff Tracking" section there (Debuffs must be configured to function).
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5 out of 5 with 2 votes
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Last Modified: 06-30-2022 07:07 AM by patcherman    

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Unread 07-03-2022, 05:02 AM  
The Wary
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

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anybody know how to add?
Combat Analysis has some issues with tracking skills such as these where the name of the debuff/DoT has the same name as the skill that applies the debuff/DoT (e.g. in this case, the skill name is "Barbed Arrow" and it applies a DoT that is also named "Barbed Arrow"). The reason for that is Combat Analysis simply parses the combat text log, and both the initial damage (which the combat text log says is from "Barbed Arrow" (the skill name)) and the DoT debuff damage each tick (which the combat text log says is from "Barbed Arrow" (the debuff name)) are indistinguishable to Combat Analysis.

All that said, if you set it up as I did below, it will work with the caveat that when you reapply the debuff by reusing the skill before the debuff completes its full duration, Combat Analysis will not refresh the DoT/debuff as expected.

- In the Plugin Manager, go to CombatAnalysis options
- Click the Options tab
- Inside the Options tab, click the Buffs tab
- Inside the Buffs tab, click the Debuffs tab
- Click the Green + Add Debuff button
- Now enter the information for the Barbed Arrow debuff as follow:
-- Class: Hunter
-- Debuff Name: Barbed Arrow
-- Applied By: Barbed Arrow
--- Set Dur to 13. You have to manually enter debuff durations for CombatAnalysis. If you have some permanent effects (like class traits) that increase the duration, you can set this value appropriately here.
-- Removes: click the line that says "Barbed Arrow" and then click the Red X Remove button above it. That will cause the "Barbed Arrow" line to move from the "Removes:" section to underneath the "Conflicts With:" section. If you don't put "Barbed Arrow" underneath the Conflict With section, every tick of the DoT damage will cause the debuff to reapply due to Combat Analysis being unable to distinguish between the initial skill damage and DoT tick damage.

Here are the options as configured above along with the debuff showing up in BuffMonitor:

As an aside, in that image, you can see in the combat log that the initial skill damage (29 Common damage) and the DoT damage each tick (20 Common damage) are indistinguishable aside from the amount of damage, which is why CombatAnalysis has a challenge in distinguishing between damage coming from the initial skill and damage coming from the DoT/debuff when parsing the combat log.

Last edited by patcherman : 07-04-2022 at 07:25 AM.
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Unread 07-02-2022, 09:44 AM  
The Wary
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

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anybody know how to add?
IIRC that skill has 6 versions. 3 for improved version and 3 for basic version of skill. Fire, Light-oils and, un buffed make up the three variants. So 6 plugin tracks for that 1 skill.

TBH though I haven't looked at hunter in years maybe I'm wrong or its changed but at least its a place to start.

Last edited by Jok : 07-02-2022 at 09:44 AM.
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Unread 07-02-2022, 06:51 AM  
The Wary

Forum posts: 2
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