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How do I install this? (FAQ)
Name: Gear Up   Popular!
Date: 03-14-2015 06:17 AM
Size: 33.74 Kb
Version: 1.0.0
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Size: 35.17 Kb
Dimensions: 773 x 227
Main window
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Options window
The Gear Up plugin help you to remember your character gears in different situations. If you wear the wrong item, the plugin warning you and also give you easy way to change it!

If you using this plugin, please use rating stars! I really want to know how you like it (even if not)! If you do not like, please note your problem to the forum.

All class have 3 different trait line, and most of them is useful. The serious players use different gear and trait lines for different situations. For example a guardian need more moral and protection with one hand weapon plus shield when he/she doing tank job. But in other situation for example if questing or in Epic Battles the two-hand weapon and might specific gear is better on the red trait line. A healer can do DPS job with different weapons, you need special PVP gear in ettenmoors pvp area that is not the best choice in normal raiding, etc.

So in nutshell many player using minimum 2, sometimes more different gear combination. And it is soo easy to forget changing them when you change your role! Specially if you change many items. That is priceless when you try to do DPS job with tanking weapon or healing with the dps one! It's happened with me countless times. That's why I wrote this plugin.

Can save weapons, jewellers and armours to gear set, then load that
Detect the equipped items and show if it is different from the saved gear set
Easy to save, edit, duplicate or delete gear sets
Toggle visible / hide from desktop icon
2+1 phase desktop icon (blue:all ok, red:there is wrong item and +1 yellow:maybe need to change)
Command line control (see below).
Access to the options from the official plugin manager window.
Please check the Know limitations below!

Installation instructions
Unzip the downloaded file to The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins folder under your Documents folder. (for example: "c:\Users\Bunny\Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\plugins") I am strongly recommend to delete the old version before you copy the new one. To do this, delete the GearUp folder under the Bunny folder.

How to use

After you load the plugin, you must make at least one gear set. So open the option panel and make one! Till there is no stored and selected gear set, the plugin say All item is equipped.
For moving the desktop icon: CTRL + mouse drag-drop (hold the CTRL + left mouse button over the icon then move the mouse) or use sliders in the option panel.
Open the options panel use the Plugin Manager or gear wheel button on the main window right-down corner.
To manage the gear collections, open the options panel, there is a button to do it.

Main window
You can select the active gear on the top with the small blue ikon.
There is two row, upper is the equipped items and the lower is the stored gear items. If the two item is different, the plugin show them (you need to change it), if same the plugin hide them. To equip the suggested item there is two way: If the item slot type is individual, just simple click to the item with left (!) mouse button. But if the item slot is the earring, bracelet, ring or the item is a one-hand weapon, it is better just simple pull up from the lower row to the upper row the item, because for simple mouse click the lotro change every time only the earring1, bracelet1, ring1 and ususally the main weapon slot. So it is better to drag-drop.

Options window
The "Open Gear setup windows" button open the gear setup window. What a surprise!
The next two slide can positioning the desktop icon. You can do it with CTRL+mouse drag-drop, but there is an other possibility, because many people have problem with the mouse moving method.
The "Enable yellow ... " checkbox turn on or turn off the yellow desktop icon functionality. To understand what is this see below. Default is disabled.
To enable the "Show main window..." checkbox, when the plugin loading, the main windows pop up. Default is disabled.

"Set Up a Gear" windows
If you already have stored setup, you can select on the top (use blue ikon). You can choice the create"new" collection options, too.
After you choice one of them, there is open two ikonline. The top is you actual equipped items. In the lower row you can store wished items for your gear setup. There is weapon slots, jewellery and armour slot. Yo dont need to fill it every slot, only that you must need to that gear set. But of course, you can store all item if you wish it.
To put an item into the slot, just simple drag from the bag or from the equipment line and drop in.
If you want to remove an item from the gear, click with right mouse button.
The "gear name" box contain that name of the edited gear. if you open an old one and want to update it, left that name unchanged and save.
If you want to rename a gear, just overwrite the name and save. The plugin detect that is an old one, and rename it.
If you want, you can build a new gear set from an old one, too. Just load and rename it, change what you need then push the "Add as new" button, and your gear saved into a new name. If you does not rename it, the plugin does not save it, because two set cannot have a same name.
After rename or modify the active gear, dont forget to reload on the main window!

What is the Yellow status / yellow phase?
There is possible, if you have two different item with same name and you want to use them is gear sets. For example unnamed Legendary item, or Essence gear. Same name, different item, what can we do? If the plugin just simple check the name, its say, ah everything fine, correct item equipped. But not! So this is why I build the yellow status.
If the plugin detect there is two item with same name and the item is in the gear set, and the item is equipped but also in the bag, too, its show yellow desktop ikon. That means, look like the correct item is equipped, but please check it because there is an other item in the bag with same name. Anyway, you can turn off the yellow phase from options, because sometimes this function is disturbing. For example if you have two same ring, one equipped but you have also a second same one in your bag. Don't worry, just disable this function! Anyway, the default setting is disabled.

Know limitations

This plugin is far not idiot proof! You need to think and do not searching exploits or it is your risk.
First of all you must know the Turbine give a really bad support and API for the plugin developers. I mean really bad. This API is terrible. For example only way to identify the equipped item is ... the item name. If two item have the same name, it is impossible to to distinguish. Classic problematic items: Legendary item with default name, Essence gear item. Epic battle jewellery with same name but different level and stats. etc.
- If possible give your Legendary items unique name at reforge, if you want to save a gear set.
- With essence gear there is nothing to do, but there is the yellow phase.

You can put any kind of item to any slot. If you think, saving a carrot into the leg slot is a good idea, who am I to say, no?

You can put items into the main window slots. Yes, because that slots is active slots and unfortunately I cannot set to readonly. It is not supported by turbine. But it is not overwrite your gear set! Just select the gear again, its will show the correct items.

If you equip and unequip same two items with fast mouse clicking, the plugin got crazy. This is because the LOTRO API manage the bag items with gap and terrible bugged. If this situation is happened, load a different Gear then reload the bugged one, and it is working again. Please avoid changing two item with each other with fast mouse clicking. This is not a normal usage!

It is tested only with English Lotro client!

Hungarian website of this plugin: http://lotro.bunny.hu/gearup.html


# I am done with LOTRO. So the plugin is closed, no more update, sorry. It was worked with update 17, So I hope it will be good for long time. But if not, I cannot repair, I remove the whole game from my PC. But the plugin is open for add any 3th part update or patch. #

1.0.0 - mar.14.2015. First release.
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Unread 01-25-2020, 12:07 PM  
The Wary
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Hi my Friend,
Yes, there is. On the top of this page, there is link to make patch or add on. The LOTOR plugins itselfs is in LUA script, so all pure text, you can modify as you wish.
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Unread 01-24-2020, 07:48 PM  
The Wary

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Update or help


Is there a way I could help update this plugin ?

I know how different programming langages if this could help.

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