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Category: LotRO Tools & Utilities for UsersTulkas Toolkit
This file is a Addon for Tulkas by Galuhad. You must have that installed before this Addon will work.
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Name: Tulkas Toolkit   Popular!
Date: 03-16-2014 12:15 PM
Size: 1.09 MB
Version: 0.13-mk20140316
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This file is a Addon for Tulkas by Galuhad. You must have that installed before this Addon will work.
To clarify. The Tulkas Toolkit is a standalone plugin. Yes, it needs (otherwise it's just an empty shell) Items.lua from the Tulkas plugin, but I packed it into archive. So, it'll work without Tulkas plugin.

Made for plugin Tulkas v2.0 ( http://www.lotrointerface.com/downlo...69-Tulkas.html ).

To help in translation and/or maintenance of the Tulkas database.

UI language
English only.

Convert translated or updated data to Tulkas format. Note: to get working database you'll need to use provided *.html file or algorithm in plugin's folder.
- Get translated or updated item's names from the game. You can translate or update old names in a matter of minutes.
- Find and remove items that are no longer in game.
- Remove whole bonuses with one click.
- Change equipped number of all bonuses (shift them up or down).
- Translation operations are applied to current set and all matches in bonuses of other raw (un-edited) sets.
Note: translations matches are based on bonus' block (numbered 1-12). It means, that you have to write translation into the same block.
Warning: do not translate bonuses that modify stats (fate, mitigation, audacity, etc.). For full list check "!Ignore bonuses.txt" file in plugin's folder.
Also, such bonuses have lighter background.
- Get IDs of items that are not in database or game, but are part of set.

It should be pretty straightforward. But, feel free to ask.

Warning. Some operations may take time and client may not respond, but just be patient.

/tm ? - shows list of available commands.
/tm or /tm show - shows window.
/tm backup - enables or disables backup.
/tm load backup - loads backup, which is saved when you unload plugin.
Use with care:
/tm clear data - removes all items and sets. If something went wrong and you don't want to wait for backup to be saved. Or just don't want to wait and all data was saved manually.
/tm clear items - removes all items.
/tm clear sets - removes all sets.
/tm mcs - marks all sets, that have bonuses or translated names as edited.
/tm mcs bonus - marks all sets, that have bonuses as edited.
/tm mcs name - marks all sets, that have translated names as edited.

- Updated included Tulkas DB ('Items.lua' file). Taken from Tulkas 2.0.2.
- Updated for new database format (Tulkas v2.0). No longer compatible with Tulkas v1.4. Old data (items and sets) will be removed automatically.
- Added ability to import translated names (items and sets) from old database (v1.4). Old database must be named 'ItemsOld.lua' and placed into 'bases' folder.
- Plugin now detects game client's language and shows it in chat. All changes are made to the detected language.
- Added automatic renaming of sets' names. You select set, change name, save set. If database contains un-edited sets with old name, it'll be replaced with translated one. Note: list with un-edited sets will show old name.
- Added list with stats (will, fate, vitality, etc.). Use "S" button to select stat or type manually. When you save set, stat's names should be converted to codes.
- Added command /tm backup. Enables or disables saving of the backup.
- Changed command /tm mcs. To edited list will be moved sets, that have translated set's name or bonuses.
- Added command /tm mcs bonus. To edited list will be moved sets, that have bonuses.
- Added command /tm mcs name. To edited list will be moved sets, that have translated set's name.

- Updated included Tulkas DB ('Items.lua' file). Added new items, fixed old errors and added new ones.
- Small changes.
- Added command /tm mcs, which marks all sets, that have bonuses as edited...
Example of side effect: we lost .plugindata file (no file), but we have converted localised database. Let's replace english database with localised (folder 'bases', file 'Items.lua'), load plugin and type this command. Plugin will create list of sets and move all of them to the edited list. Now let's save data, unload plugin, replace database file with original (english) one, load plugin, press button "Load database", press button "Check sets". We'll see, that raw sets list contains only new ones. Let's save data once again.

- Updated included Tulkas DB ('Items.lua' file). Added new items and fixed some errors in sets' bonuses.
- Tulkas DB file was moved to "bases" folder.
- Updated *.html file. There was a small error.

- Fixed error when loading saved data on some game clients.
- Fixed error when converting data on some game clients.
- Added "S" button to the bottom right corner of the bonus key field. Clicking on it will open a list with all edited keys. Also, it has a field to filter keys, which is active by default. Press, type something to filter keys, select necessary key.
- Small fixes and improvements.
- Added "/tm ?" and "/tm show" commands.
- Updated included Tulkas DB ('Items.lua' file). Completely new database (51108 items). Courtesy of Russian community. True for: U11.1-11.2.

- Fixed potential error when loading saved data.
- Fixed potential error when matching bonuses.
- Fixed automatic updating of all matches in raw bonuses. Edited sets were unaffected by this bug. To correct such bonuses press "Fix raw bonuses" button on sets tab.
- Slightly improved matching of ignored bonuses.
- Improved behavior of "Number of bonuses" label. Now it should constantly glow yellow if you have bonuses on another page.
- Pressing "Update set" now selects updated set and shows new values.
- Updated included Tulkas DB ('Items.lua' file). Corrected item's names, removed dead items, corrected set's bonuses, removed test sets. True for: U11.0.1.
Don't forget to press 'Load database' to update items' data. It'd help to focus only on translation.
Note: you don't have to delete edited sets, re-checking ("Check sets") should update necessary data.

Good luck.
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