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Name: Smaller Main Map   Popular!
Date: 01-05-2021 06:44 PM
Size: 3.14 Kb
Version: 1.0
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Size: 412.61 Kb
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080
This is a 2048x1152 screen with no map displayed.
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Size: 346.04 Kb
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080
This is a 2048x1152 screen with the normal map invoked.
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Size: 416.86 Kb
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080
After installation, this is where you choose the skin in the OPTIONS panel.
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Size: 452.79 Kb
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080
This is what the Smaller Main Map looks like on a 2048x1152 screen.
This is an extremely simple skin which makes the main map smaller and changes it to a 4:3 aspect ratio.

The main map as it defaults in LOTRO fills the entire screen. This can be nice for smaller screens but it prevents the player from seeing anything other than the map whenever the map is being displayed. And unlike many other UI elements, the game does not offer, by default, any way to adjust the scaling of the main map.

In addition to the size issue, the main map's data is actually in a 4:3 aspect ratio but since it fills the entire screen and this is no longer 2007, your screen is probably a wide-screen aspect ratio, most likely 16:9. This distorts the main map making regions appear to be shaped different than they really are and making text harder to read because of the stretching.

This skin adjusts the size of the map so that it fills an area just a bit larger than the upper-left quadrant. With the map open you can still see the entire right half of your screen (which is most likely where you have your quest tracker), the bottom third (where your skill bars are most likely placed), all or most of your chat window (if it's in more-or-less the default position at bottom-left), and enough of the rest so that you can steer your mount through the landscape while examining the map. The aspect ratio is 4:3 which allows all the map data to be displayed "as intended" and makes the text easier to read because the stretching is eliminated.

You can easily change the resolution to make the map larger or smaller or to change the aspect ratio (if you are so used to the "stretched" view that you prefer it over the "true/unstretched" view). Just change the values of WIDTH and HEIGHT to your preference within the SkinDefinition.xml file. I like 1024x768 on my 2048x1152 monitor so that's what's in the SkinDefinition.xml file.

Please don't expect any updates to this simple skin. I won't add any features. I won't make any changes to match your specific monitor or chosen screen resolution, just do the very simple edits to the SkinDefinition.xml file yourself.

To learn how to install and enable a skin for LOTRO, please read the very good instructions here:
In addition to these instructions, I've found that after choosing the skin I want from the in-game menu I have to log out the character and then log it back in for the change to take effect. It's also important to add the skin to the skins folder while the game is not running, and you'll need to quit and relaunch the game in order for any edits you make to the SkinDefinitions.xml file to be recognized.

The code used here is extremely simple so if you want to use it for your own more complex skin or add it to a skin compendium, please be welcome to do so. If you like this simple stand-alone skin as it is, please do not remove the readme file if you share or distribute this skin.

Tuesday 2021-01-05
John M. Hammer
LOTRO.com Forums ID: Tralfazz
LOTROInterface.com Forums ID: JohnMHammer

edit 2021-01-12: I have been experimenting with different sizes of the map, to fill larger and smaller areas of the screen. These attempts at different sizes are not producing the results I was expecting so it's likely that the code for this little skin might need a bit of tweaking in the future. It works perfectly fine as is but for someone who might want to change the size to something a bit larger or smaller it might be worth ironing out those issues. So it is possible I will update this in the future. Don't hold your breath, though, because while the coding part is easy the testing is very time-consuming and tedious so I'll get to it one of these days but I'm not motivated to do so right now.
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