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Interface Information
How do I install this? (FAQ)
Name: Groupfinder   Popular!
Date: 03-18-2011 11:51 AM
Size: 7.05 Kb
Version: 1.33
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Main and Help Window
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Popup Message

Basically this program reads chatlogs and searches for given keywords either by AND or OR linkage.

It is useful if you're looking for a specific quest and don't want to keep an eye on the lff chat all the time. It can also check in user channels given that you've got a custom server wide lff channel on your server. Generally it can check every chat log it all depends on you which chats you want to log and for what you want to search in them.

This is the helpfile quoted from the Groupfinder itself.
Dear Reader,

For all of you who might wonder how this newspaper works I will try to explain it a little bit.

First of all you have to give it something to read itself. For that you have to create a new chat tab in lotro which is meant as feed for the newspaper. I.e. we are giving it the lff and user chat 1 to read. With right click I will create a new chat tab in lotro and with another right click I will adjust the filters. In the end only lff and user chat 1 should be ticked. After that I will start the chat logging with another right click. Now lotro will write a file to the Documents\Lotro\ directory. It will state how it is called in the chat window. Normally something like chat tab title + date_x.txt.

Next you will have to fire up this program which you already did to read this.

NEW since issue 1.30 AND and OR Search

, (Comma) means OR
+ (Plus) means AND

Now you have to enter the keywords you would like to search for seperated by the appropriate sign.

I.e. I would like to search for the 'Helegrod Spiderwing' then I would enter 'hele+spider, hele+zaudru'. It will report every entry that contains either hele and spider or hele and zaudru.

For clarification: OR precedes AND - that means

'hele+spider, hele+ zaudru' would find every post containing 'hele' AND 'spider' OR every post containing 'hele' AND 'zaudru'.

'hele+spider, zaudru' could be another way to express that if the preceding would be the other way around. As it is this would report every post containing 'hele' AND 'spider' OR every post containing 'zaudru'.

It doesn't care about capitals and it will also report if one of the keywords is a part of a word. So the keyword 'crafti' would report 'crafting', 'craftings' however it wouldn't report 'carfting'.

Next you have to tell him which file to process. Click on 'Set File' and choose the chat log .txt file you just started logging in lotro. Next click 'Start' and you are done.

When something is found a pop-up message will appear containing the original message in the chat. It doesn't matter whether you are actually in Lotro and if the chat tab is activated or if you are on the desktop doing something else. However the game has to be running and the chat log has to be activated.
You then have 12 seconds do decide whether you want to take the job or not. After 12 seconds it will automatically decide you are not in the mood. If you choose 'no' or don't decide at all it will continue to search and bother you with the next message it finds. If you decide to go for it, it will copy the name of the poster into the clipboard, stops the search returning to idle mode and activates the lotro window. You then can get in contact with your employee by '[Strg+v] I would like to take part'.

Of course you can also just press yes if you don't want to be bothered with messages anymore and just don't get into contact with anyone, the program will return to idle mode anyway.

It is clear that it will always read the entire file you give him to read at the beginning. So if it is an old chat log it will report all the old entries as well until the entire file is processed and the new entries start to kick in. You can avoid that if you first press the Del button which will delete the old log file before starting the search.

It can also only activate the game reliably if it is the only window with that title because it cannot decide which one is right if there are several.

You might find it disturbing that it actually bothers you with messages if it doesn't find any lotro window. However I can assure you that this is only used for activating the right window so you don't have to change back into the game once you decide to take a job. It won't write down any other information it won't spy on you and it will never ever access the Internet given that you downloaded the original version.
Well the last part is not quite necessary since it is not an executable.

You have to download Autoscript to run it or to compile your own executable.
Autoscript can be downloaded here:

I would recommend downloading the whole package. After you've loaded the source code in the modified SciTE Editor you can either press F5 to run the programm or F7 to build your own executable. This way you don't have to load the editor to run the program next time. The Build mode in AutoIT is a little bit buggy it quite often produces errors that are probably related to file read/write issues in Windows. However eventually you get your exe file.


v1.33 - 10.3.2011
- Bugfix (Check if file is open or not didn't work)

v1.32 - 2.3.2011
- Added /t or /f to the Clipboard depending on the Language. You don't have to type it before you paste the name from the Clipboard. It will be pasted for you as well.
- Typo Correction
- Name change from Questfinder to Groupfinder

v1.31 - 3.12.2010
- Changed AND/OR operators

v1.30 - 1.12.2010
- New: AND/OR search
- Del to delete the log file after a long idle time.

v1.24 - 1.12.2010
- The name now also gets copied if you press no in chase you change your mind but the search continues.

v1.23 - 30.11.2010
- Information about the state of the program.

v1.22 - 30.11.2010
- Added English Description

v1.21 - 29.11.2010
- Fix for the help

v1.2 - 29.11.2010
- Added help information
- Minor tweaks to remove whitespace 1, 2, 3 gets changed to 1,2,3

v1.1 - 28.11.2010
- Public Release
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