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Name: Per Character Wallet   Popular!
Date: 05-28-2012 07:12 PM
Size: 15.31 Kb
Version: 0.1
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The main window, where you can view how many marks, medallions, etc belong to your current character
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The Assignments window, where you can manually re-allocate currencies between any of your characters
This plugin is designed to keep track of all the barter wallet currencies that are now shared account-wide, allocating those currencies between each of your characters. It will automatically allocate currencies to/from your current character whenever you earn or spend them in-game, and also has options for manually re-assigning them if you want to (for example) pass some skirmish marks from one character to another.


1) Install as you would any plugin: i.e. Unzip the file and place the contents in the "My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins" folder. You should wind up with a "My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\Plugins\Niwashi\PerCharWallet" folder.

2) Login to the game (but not into a character just yet). At the character select screen, click the "Manage Plugins" button to bring up the Plugin Manager. Select "PerCharWallet" and set it to automatically load for all your characters. (Or at least all who would earn or use any account-wide currencies - If you want to exclude mule characters for instance, just select characters individually - but this plugin only works if it's loaded for all characters who either earn or spend skirmish marks, medallions, commendations, etc.)

3) Log into each of your characters in turn for the plugin to load and figure out who all your characters are. (The order you first log into them after loading this plugin is the order they'll appear in on the "Assignments" window if that matters to you.)

4) Type "/pcw" (or "/PerCharWallet") into the chat box to bring up the Per Character Wallet window. All your pre-existing currencies will have been assigned to the first character you logged in with in step 3, so now click "Assignments" to bring up the window where you can fix that. There's a drop-down box in the Assignments window where you can select which currency to assign. One at a time, go through each of them, and you'll see a listing of your characters and the amount of that currency they're assigned. There are four sets of Up/Down arrow buttons next to each character. They will raise/lower that character's allocation by 1000, 100, 10, or 1. You can only allocate what you have available, so to transfer currency you need to first use the Down buttons to de-allocate from one character, moving some of your total to the "UNASSIGNED" section before you can then use the Up buttons on another character to allocate to that other character. Go through each of your currencies allocating your initial totals as you wish.

(Currency earned in-game while the plugin is running is automatically allocated, so after this initial setup you'll only need to go into the Assignments window if you want one of your characters to transfer some of his/her currency to another, or if you want to check what currency your other characters have.)


Type "/pcw" (or "/PerCharWallet") into the chat box to bring up the Per Character Wallet window. This will show you what currency your current character has.

When you're at a barter vendor who takes these currencies, keep in mind one major limitation of this plugin: It does not control the barter vendors. This means you should check the Per Character Wallet window to see if your current character can afford an item before you decide whether to buy it. The barter vendor will continue to allow any character to spend all your currency regardless of what the Per Character Wallet plugin allocates to them. (This sends your character's allocation into negative territory and lets your other characters show more allocated to them than your total available.)
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