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Name: LM Eorlingas-mini   Popular!
Date: 05-20-2007 09:40 AM
Size: 1.21 MB
Version: 1.1
Rate File: 4 out of 5 with 8 votes  
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Size: 372.59 Kb
Dimensions: 1600 x 1200
LedMirage's Eorlingas-mini UI Theme v1.1
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Size: 280.78 Kb
Dimensions: 1600 x 1200
LedMirage's Eorlingas-mini UI Theme v1.1
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Dimensions: 1600 x 1200
LedMirage's Eorlingas-mini UI Theme v1.1
================================================== =============================
Made for The Lord of the Rings Online by Turbine
Version 1.1, May 19th, 2007
Created by Eduardo Lucero "LedMirage"
================================================== =============================

This UI theme is identical to "Eorlingas" with the exception of the main panel which is smaller in size and the minibuttons being invisible (except when you mouseover them).

Thank you for downloading this UI skin for LOTRO, I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The name for the UI Skin "Eorlingas" is right out of the LOTR lore, here follows a brief explanation: In J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, the Rohirrim were a horse people, settling in the land of Rohan, named after them. The name is Sindarin for People of the Horse-lords (sometimes translated simply as Horse-lords) and was mostly used by outsiders: the name they had for themselves was Eorlingas, after their king Eorl the Young who had first brought them to Rohan.

Everything in this UI Skin was made from scratch entirely using Photoshop CS2, if you like my work I am seriously looking for a way to make a living creating neat stuff for games or anything cool, I've been at this for over 10 years, someone hire me already!

================================================== =============================
(Last revised 04/20/2007)
================================================== =============================

1. You agree to this agreement by downloading and using any and all files and intellectual property included in this software package.
2. You agree to NOT discredit any author of any or all of their original software included be it code, graphics, any other assets or intellectual property.
3. You agree to NOT hold any author responsible for any damage, data loss or any problems caused directly or indirectly by this software.
4. You agree to NOT use any material included for monetary gain, as it is against Turbine's EULA agreement and it is NOT your right to make money off of other author's work.
5. You may redistribute any and all files contained in this package ONLY if they remain unmodified, this user agreement is included and proper credit to any and all authors is given.
6. You may modify and redistribute any and all files contained in this compilation ONLY with the expressed written permission of any and all respective authors.
7. If you do not agree then delete any and all files included in this package as well as past and future versions, by doing this you are agreeing to NOT use any and all material that are a part of this package for any purpose.

(P.S. I dislike all the legalese stuff, but I've been burned many times before)

================================================== =============================
================================================== =============================

1. Exit the game

2. Open the ZIP file containing all the UI Skin files (where you got this readme from!)

3. Extract all the files from the ZIP file making sure the option to "use folder names" is enabled; The folder on your computer you should select as the destination will be: ..\My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\

4. If Extracted correctly you should now have the following folder path: ..\My Documents\The Lord of the Rings Online\ui\skins\LedMirage_Eorlingas\

5. All images and the skin definition file should be inside the folder ..\LedMirage_Eorlingas\

6. Launch the game

7. Once in-game, go to OPTIONS then choose "UI Settings" from the menu on the right, once there scroll all the way down to the bottom of the UI Settings page and you will find a dropdown list where you can choose the UI Skin to use for that character.

================================================== =============================
================================================== =============================

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, my personal Paypal account is: LedMirage[AT]woh.rr.com

Ben & Jerry ice cream, cheese cakes, pizza, pipe weed, fine Dwarven ale and lap dances are all fine donations too.

Thanks in advance!

================================================== =============================
================================================== =============================

I do not mind requests for custom stuff at all as long as people understand I have limited time just like everyone else, request for different color or double bar and no menu/bag button variants are particularly easier but still take some time if you don't want them to look like someone used a rusty machete to cut them out

Currently the plan continues and next on my list is Numenor, Gondor, another Dwarf Khazad-Dum theme and finally Rivendell and Lothlorien themes, I leave the elf themes at the end of my list because first of all the default UI is quite elvish looking and because the elven artwork is going to be much more demanding to look right (and I'm quite picky!).

================================================== =============================
================================================== =============================

The UI provides by default five additional Quickslot bars that you can place anywhere on your screen as well as make them horizontal or vertical, to customize them do the following:

1. Go to OPTIONS, then choose "Quicklots" from the menu on the right, once there you will see checkbox options for each of the five additional Quickslot bars, notice that Bar #1 is NOT the default Quickslot bar, it is the first additional bar.

2. Make sure the option to Lock all Quickslots is DISABLED

3. For each Bar Number you wish to customize make sure the DOCK option is DISABLED, docking a bar prevents you from moving it (it goes to it's default position above the standard bar) and prevents using it vertically.

4. Choose the layout for each bar, Horizontal is default, if you want it vertical uncheck the box "Make Horizontal".

5. Exit the options panel.

6. Press CONTROL + \ (that's CONTROL and BACKSLASH) to unlock all screen UI elements.

7. Drag your bars to where you want them.

8. Press CONTROL + \ again to lock all screen UI elements.

9. Voila.

================================================== =============================
================================================== =============================

You can contact me through my website's forum at http://ledmirage.net/forums/ or by E-mail: LedMirage[AT]woh.rr.com

I can also be reached through the official LOTRO forums, my name there is "Zumlin" as well as through www.LOTROInterface.com but my response time tends to be slower.

Enjoy :-)
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4 out of 5 with 8 votes
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Unread 03-22-2008, 12:59 PM  
The Indomitable
LedMirage's Avatar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 10
File comments: 31
Uploads: 3
Exclamation Mini version now included in the standard package

Updated the theme to version 1.2, it is all now in one package with four variations, please go to the standard Eorlingas theme download for the mini versions here:

LedMirage is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 05-25-2007, 03:17 PM  
The Wary
Falion's Avatar

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 9
Uploads: 0
Extremely nice Skin, one of the best ones to date
Falion is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 05-23-2007, 08:34 AM  
The Wary
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 4
File comments: 1
Uploads: 1
Damn amazing work once more! Keep them coming mate!!
Elestin is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 05-20-2007, 05:19 PM  
The Wary
darthjadams's Avatar

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 6
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