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Name: Arkangel   Popular!
Date: 07-29-2019 10:18 AM
Size: 209.34 Kb
Version: 1.0.2
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Arkangel (named after Black Mirror S4E2) is a chat modifier, among other things, designed to not remove anything, but instead modify it to improve the LoTRO experience.


-When player names are mentioned in emotes, and other people's mesages, Arkangel will highlight them in green and allow you to right click on their name to access a menu.

-Arkangel provides various functionality surrounding renaming other players, including automatic non-lore name detection and replacement, as well as allowing names to include accents and randomly generating lore conforming names, based on parameters including race, origin and gender.

-Arkangel provides a WishList function, which will notify you when items, instaces or other keywords of your choice appears in their respective channels, letting you turn those channels off.

-Arkangel also provides the option to remove user customised chat colours.

-Finally, I'm not sure how much use it will be to everyone on here, but it contains a devmode, which will escape the tags in the chat window. Don't know if that could be useful for anyone else?


Some users find it useful to create a new chat tab named Arkangel (Right click on General tab)

It is essential to filter all channels apart from STANDARD and TELL in this new window (Right click on General tab) otherwise messages will be repeated.


/arkangel rename (NAME) to (NEWNAME)
Changes how the name of a character appears. Also can be used to replace other strings, for example change TR to Tirith Rhaw

/arkangel rename (NAME) to random race=(RACE) origin=(ORIGIN) gender=(GENDER)
Changes the name of a character to a random name. Note: no options are required but can be used to improve lore conformity

/arkangel minimumletters (NUMBER)
Sets the minimum word length required before Arkangel determines that a name is not reflective of lore

/arkangel customcolours(or customcolors for you Americans :P) (on OR off)
Returns messages sent by the rainbow chat plugin back to normal (Sorry Garan :P)

/arkangel off
Turns all of Arkangels capabilities off. Note: Arkangel still logs incoming user IDs, just does not act on them

/arkangel on
Turns all of Arkangels capabilities on

/arkangel autorenaming (on OR off)
Enables automatic renaming of characters which Arkangel believes may not fit with lore

/arkangel channelcolour(or color) (CHANNEL) (COLOUR)
Changes the colour of a chat channel. COLOUR can either be preset string or HEX code. Note: List of channels and colours at end

/arkcangel channeltoggle (CHANNEL) (on OR off)
Shows or hides channels. Note: list of channels at end

/arkangel view (all OR NAME OR NEWNAME)
Shows names of characters and what they have been renamed to

/arkangel allow (ALLOWED STRING)
Adds to a list of strings that Arkangel will not rename from. Can also be used as allow(PLAYER NAME) to not rename that player

/arkangel ban (BANNED STRING)
Renames players when that string is present in their name.

/arkangel viewcodes
Displays all logged player IDs

/arkangel wishlist (add OR remove) (STRING)
Searches all channels for set string, displays flashing notification if that string appears. Useful for searching for items for sale on trade, or groups on LFF, without getting spammed by unwanted messages.

/arkangel viewwishlist
Displays all strings currently being searched for on your wishlist

/arkangel reset (all OR colours OR replacements OR names OR options OR wishlist OR allowed)
Resets some of the stored data to defaults

/arkangel devmode (on OR off)
Uses a slash to escape the colour and ID tags, could be of some use to lua developers?

/arkangel help
Displays this set of commands

Error, Standard, Say, Tell(not currently supported), Emote, Fellowship, Kinship, Officer, Advancement, Trade, LFF, Advice, OOC, Regional, Death, Quest, Raid, Unfiltered, Roleplay, UserChat1-8, Tribe, PlayerCombat, EnemyCombat, PlayerLoot, FellowshipLoot, World

White, Green, Light Green, Pale Green, Red, Dark Red, Salmon, Pink, Deep Pink, Orange, sand, Yellow, Khaki, Purple, Blue, Pale Blue, Light Blue, Grey (Note the spelling :P)

Please note:

When right clicking on renamed characters, the chat options won't work for now, but I'm working on it

Release Notes:

Version 1.0.2 (29/07/2019): Corrected another bug introduced by previous fix

Version 1.0.1 (29/07/2019): Fixed various issues, including flashing text not disappearing and potential for client to freeze

Version 1.0 (28/07/2019): Initial Release

A UI should hopefully be coming soon
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209.34 Kb
07-29-2019 05:27 AM
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