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Specifies the alignment of content within a region.


Name Description
BottomCenter Position content at the bottom center of the region.
BottomLeft Position content at the bottom left of the region.
BottomRight Position content at the bottom right of the region.
MiddleCenter Position content at the middle center of the region.
MiddleLeft Position content at the middle left of the region.
MiddleRight Position content at the middle right of the region.
TopCenter Position content at the top center of the region.
TopLeft Position content at the top left of the region.
TopRight Position content at the top right of the region.
Undefined Undefined positioning.

Alternative: values

Name Value
TopLeft 1
TopCenter 2
TopRight 3
MiddleLeft 4
MiddleCenter 5
MiddleRight 6
BottomLeft 7
BottomCenter 8
BottomRight 9
Undefined 0


Content alignment is used to position content within a rectangular region at one of the nine available positions.


This example displays a TextBox with some text in it. Clicking on the button will cycle through the nine available content alignment positions.

Content Alignment Example
import "Turbine.UI";
import "Turbine.UI.Lotro";

-- Create a test window to display a status icon.
window = Turbine.UI.Lotro.Window();
window:SetPosition( 200, 200 );
window:SetSize( 400, 220 );
window:SetText( "Content Alignment Example" );
window:SetVisible( true );

-- Create a status icon and add it to the window.
local textbox = Turbine.UI.Lotro.TextBox();
textbox:SetParent( window );
textbox:SetMultiline( true );
textbox:SetPosition( 20, 40 );
textbox:SetSize( 360, 140 );
textbox:SetBackColor( Turbine.UI.Color( 1, 0.2, 0.2, 0.5 ) );
textbox:SetTextAlignment( Turbine.UI.ContentAlignment.TopLeft );
textbox:SetText( "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." );

local switchAlignmentButton = Turbine.UI.Lotro.Button();
switchAlignmentButton:SetParent( window );
switchAlignmentButton:SetPosition( 70, 185 );
switchAlignmentButton:SetSize( 300, 20 );
switchAlignmentButton:SetText( "Change Alignment" );

switchAlignmentButton.Click = function( sender, args )
-- Cycle through the content alignment on each click.
textbox:SetTextAlignment( ( textbox:GetTextAlignment() + 1 ) % 9 );
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